My Birth Plan

My birth plan
My Birth Plan

OH the birth plan.

How do you want your baby to come into the world? What do you want to experience while you are going thru labor? Will you medicate, epidural or go all natural? Will you have a doula? Who will be present at the birth?

There are so many questions that can go into a birth plan to lay out what the ideal scenario will be for your baby’s arrival.

And then there is my birth plan. This is child 4, so I’m not going to fancy – here’s my plan, plain – simple – to the point.

  • Get me to the hospital, the nice one with the luxury birthing suite as soon as labor hits, or an induction is scheduled.
  • Make sure that my camera is charged, SD card loaded and with us at the hospital. Don’t shoot any money shots.
  • Make sure my iPhone is charged, filled with  and that I have headphones.
  • Make sure my husband is present or at least available via Skype.
  • DELIVER this BABY safely. Do what you need to do, keep me and my baby safe.
  • One last request, please make sure I can’t see what’s going on down there. I don’t want a mirror. I am sure it’s a beautiful sight, but the only beautiful thing I want to see if my baby.

Straight. To the Point. Out of the mouth (or fingers) of a mom delivering her 4th bambino. Keepin’ in simple.

What Does Your Birth Plan Look Like?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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