My Experience Walking the Runway at NYC Fashion Week

It has been so easy for me to get down on myself as I get into these last few weeks of my pregnancy. I have felt fat, frumpy, swollen, ugly, and everything in between. I’ve needed a good pick-me-up for a while now and yesterday I received one of the best that I could have ever asked for. I was given the chance to walk down the runway during New York City’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at the Strut: The Fashionable Mom Show. 

I was a bit nervous yesterday morning as I walked into Lincoln Center, not knowing what to expect. But as soon as I got there, my nerves were calmed as soon as they whisked me away to the nail station to get a manicure. I knew that they were going to do my hair and makeup, but had no idea that they were going to pamper my nails as well. I’d been meaning to get a manicure, but running around after a toddler has given me little time to do much for myself these days.

After my nails, it was time to practice my walk down the runway. I had not practiced at all at home, so this was the first time that I was going to be able to see just how much it takes to strut my stuff. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be, especially when the backstage people told us to just smile and have fun.

Once I perfected my runway walk, I was rushed over to makeup to get my face all nice and pretty. We were told to show up with a clean face and clean hair, so that meant no makeup when I walked out of the door yesterday morning. It’s not often that I walk outside with nothing on my face (I usually will put on at least tinted moisturizer) so you can imagine my excitement when the makeup artist spent his time putting makeup on my face. It was an immediate confidence booster after looking at myself in the mirror. The makeup that he did was something that I could have never done myself and it truly made me feel beautiful.

Getting my hair done was the next task and because my hair is rather short, it didn’t take long for the stylist to finish. He put a little product in my hair, grabbed a round brush and before I knew it, he was finished. Although it didn’t take long, it was nice having someone blow out my hair and me not have to do anything but sit there.

Next it was time to get dressed and do one final walk through before the show. This was the final stage of “my look” until it was time to strut my stuff and it made me feel so beautiful. I love both of my dresses and the necklaces the stylists paired with them.

I have to admit, I embraced every single compliment I received backstage from various people walking around. I usually get so shy when someone pays me a compliment, but knowing that I was about to walk down the runway 37 weeks pregnant with several news organizations covering the event, I needed all the boost in confidence I could get.

As we were walking out to practice one last time, model, mom, and host of the show Iman comes backstage to wish us all good luck and comes over to me to rub my belly. That was all the luck I needed at that point!

Shortly after our final walk through, it was time for the show to begin. My nerves had taken over, but I was ready to show off my belly for everyone out there. Walking onto the runway with lights shining in my face and cameras flashing was the most empowering feeling I have ever felt. At that moment, I didn’t worry about what I looked like or if my hair was the way it was supposed to be, I just truly embraced every single moment. It was an incredible feeling.

After the show, I was on such a high from walking the runway. It was exactly what I needed at this stage of pregnancy. To be able to show moms that even though our focus changes once we enter motherhood, we don’t have to stop taking care of ourselves. You can still be beautiful and fashionable as as mom and even 37 weeks pregnant.

Check out some of the pictures captured from backstage and on the runway!

  • Time for Nails! 1 of 14
    Time for Nails!
    I was so happy to get a manicure! It was completely unexpected, but much welcomed!
  • Practice My Strut 2 of 14
    Practice My Strut
    The runway looked absolutely amazing, which made it so much easier to practice my walk down the runway.
  • Makeup is Finished 3 of 14
    Makeup is Finished
    My makeup artist from the show sure knew how to make me feel beautiful!
  • My hair is Complete 4 of 14
    My hair is Complete
    Hair and makeup both finished, now it's time to get dressed for the show.
  • My Model Sign 5 of 14
    My Model Sign
    This was posted backstage to let me know where my outfits were and what order number in the show I was walking in.
  • First Look 6 of 14
    First Look
    This is my first look in the show. The dress is by HATCH Collection and I absolutely fell in love with it. The color is just stunning.
  • Second Look 7 of 14
    Second Look
    This is my second dress for the show. Also a HATCH Collection dress. I love cut-out the sleeve detail on this. The necklaces the stylist paired with this dress completed the outfit.
  • My Shoes 8 of 14
    My Shoes
    I was a bit nervous to have to walk in heels, but these wedges were so comfortable and stylish.
  • Ready to go! 9 of 14
    Ready to go!
    This is me and Nicole from Momtrends
    right before showtime. We are both ready to rock the runway.
    Image via Jill Seiman from Glamamom
  • Backstage Mania 10 of 14
    Backstage Mania
    It was a bit hectic backstage right before the show started. People getting dressed, making sure all of the models were ready to go. Total insanity.
  • Final Touch Ups 11 of 14
    Final Touch Ups
    Dustin, the makeup artist doing some final touch-ups before I make my way onto the runway. Notice the big belly sticking out!
  • Ready to Strut 12 of 14
    Ready to Strut
    My first look is complete and I am ready for the runway!
    Image via Jill Seiman from Glamamom
  • My First Look on the Runway 13 of 14
    My First Look on the Runway
    Here I am in action on the runway in my first look!
    Image via Jill Seiman from Glamamom
  • Second Look on the Runway 14 of 14
    Second Look on the Runway
    My second look as I strut my belly down the runway.
    Image via Jill Seiman from Glamamom

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