My Favorite Baby Shower Games

I am one of those crazy people who not only loves all types of showers (bridal, baby, sun), but also love shower games. The cornier, the better! I was the bride who loved being dressed up in a toilet paper gown at her shower.

Two of my favorite shower games involve diapers. One is just silly fun, but the other creates a wonderful stash of diapers for the momma- and daddy-to-be.

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The first game is the classic ‘candy bar in the diaper’ game. You’ll need a pack of diapers and a number of candy bars (chocolate bars work best because they can be melted, but other types of candy with distinctive smells, like licorice, work well, too). At the last baby shower that I hosted, I used 12 different types of bars. Take a marker and draw a big number on the front of each diaper. Smash one candy bar into each diaper, making a legend of which bar goes to which diaper. If it’s warm outside, you could probably just put the diapers in the sun (or in your car); when I played this game in the winter, I put the diapers in a glass casserole dish and put them in a 200-degree oven for 15 minutes.

To play the candy bar game, hand out blank pieces of paper with the types of candy bars listed at the top. Have the guests pass around the diapers, smelling each to guess which bar goes in which diaper. Whoever guesses the most diapers correctly wins!

The second game creates a big diaper stash for the parents.

Provide guests with newborn- or new baby-sized diapers (the Huggies Snug & Dry diapers go up to 14 pounds and would be a good option) and permanent markers. Instruct them to write funny or inspiring phrases on the front and back of the diapers so when the new parents are changing diapers, they have messages to read. Examples may include, “My poop don’t stink!” or “You’re the best dad ever.”

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