My Favorite Keep Cool Pregnancy Cravings

I’m so feeling the third trimester summer right now – so the cravings are definitely in the “stay cool” category. I’m not baking (the oven heat! oh my!) and I’m hardly cooking. Mostly because it’s too exhausting, but also because it’s just. too. HOT. Here are some of my cravings that are all about keeping cool:

1.  Cucumbers and hummus – I cannot get enough. The cucumbers are so crispy and cool, and the amount of water in them seems to keep my hot bod a bit less so.

2. Sweetened strawberries – It may not be ideal to sprinkle a tsp of sugar on my cut strawberries, but boy can I down a quart of these when that combo is in my bowl. They are so easy, and so refreshing. Delish! I even like adding lemon juice to make them tangy.

3.  Clemetine Flavored Izze drinks – I had to include my major long lasting craving here. These bottled drinks are my daily MUST HAVE. Orange with no added sweetners, just juice and some bubbly stuff. So satisfying, my craving for these hasn’t reduced in months.

4.  Pickles, capers and olives – oh my! Yes I admit to the cliche of pickles, but it’s a part of a larger sour family. The same family includes lemonade (lemon juice on almost any fruit I eat) and sour candy on rare occasion. My tongue is a bit raw lately but I’m loving adding these three sour and salty friends to my salads every day.

5. Ice cream – Of course you saw this one coming – but let me tell you how exact this craving is. It has to be the mint kind, and it has to have a specific kind of chocolate sauce on it. If these two things aren’t right, ice cream doesn’t sound good at all. I have no idea what to think of myself either.

What are your keep-cool cravings?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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