My Favorite Postpartum Accessory: Sexy Lingerie

Well, I guess the term sexy certainly wouldn’t be something most people would use when describing my number one favorite postpartum accessory.

The dreaded mesh panties.

Honestly though, they are my favorite. They are the world’s most comfortable thing to wear after having a baby, especially when you have had a C-section and need a pair you can hike up to your boobs while your actual wound starts to heal.

I would have never thought about calling them my sexy lingerie until Saturday, when I met my postpartum nurse Tammy. First off, I have never had a better postpartum care nurse, she totally rocked!  So much so I actually requested her Sunday, too, since she was actually working that day. Score!

But as I lost my last ounce of privacy, which a lot of women lose during or after giving birth, especially if your delivery involves major surgery like mine have… you will quickly learn things like someone helping you change your underwear really isn’t that bad.   I started talking about my favorite giant mesh panties, in which Tammy replied… ohhh the sexy lingerie!

Let me tell you!  In the days after birth, go for it… don’t try to use your own underwear, especially if you want to keep them from getting ruined or stained. Use the free stuff the hospital gives you, or invest in some sexy lingerie for your postpartum time if you are opting for a birth outside of the hospital.

What is your favorite postpartum accessory?

The Post-Baby Body: Sexy lingerie for every day!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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