My Favorite Thing To Wear

It’s no secret that I’ve not been a fan of maternity clothes this pregnancy. Finding clothes that were simple, practical, and in a store so I could try them on before buying them (as opposed to ordering them online) was a real struggle. I’ve whined about it copiously, though hating nearly everything I see in stores was probably good for my bank account.

I did manage to piece together a wardrobe to carry me through and I’ve been mostly happy with it – though taking a March warms spell as a cue to buy only capri length pants for the last trimester turned out to be a mistake, as my chilly ankles will attest.  I also picked up some cute sundresses that will also be good for nursing after the baby comes.

I do love sundresses in the summer, don’t you? I wear them all the time, pregnant or not. But with pregnancy comes weight gain. In my thighs. Which makes wearing dresses a recipe for chafing. Yeah.

Determined to wear dresses anyway, I embarked on a search for some sort of under-layer to throw on to keep my thighs away from each other. I was hoping some bike shorts or leggings would cut it but didn’t find anything I liked. Desperate, I popped into Motherhood Maternity and looked around their lingerie department, where the best I found was a body shaper that traveled down the legs to mid-thigh and up over the belly. It looked like pregnant lady Spanx and didn’t thrill me. Whatever, I thought. I’ll try it. It can’t be worse than the below-the-belly leggings that squashed into my c-section scar and turned every step into an opportunity for Braxton-Hicks.

Not looking forward to the belly-sweat I was sure this garment would induce, I put it on one day and prepared to grit my teeth and bear it.

It has become my favorite piece of clothing. No joke.

I’m not sure what it is about this body shaper but it’s providing me with not only thigh-chafe protection but just the right amount of belly support to ease up pressure on my back, stop the Braxton-Hicks that are bothering me more as my belly gets heavier, and make walking feel more like regular movement and less like plodding through my day one ponderous, waddling step at a time. Does it actually shape my body? Not really. My butt and hips look as big as ever. This shaper is really more about function than form.

Sure, having spandex up to my bra line makes the cooling effects of dresses less notable but the belly support has been worth it to me. I’m as surprised as anyone that I like wearing it so much. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a little help from their undies.

P.S. No one paid me to say any of this. This is a totally unsolicited testimonial of a happy customer.

Photo: Secret Fit Shaper available online and in stores from A Pea in the Pod and in stores from Motherhood Maternity


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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