My First Prenatal Massage

2011-09-01 12.00.35
This big bump definitely needed some relief from a massage!

Yesterday was a fun day for me and the bump.  We headed out in the afternoon for our first prenatal massage!  I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m having a lot of back pain and muscle tightness.  By the time I lay down to go to bed, sometimes it is so bad that I can’t sleep.  I toss and turn all night wishing that there was some way to relieve it.  I used to be a big back cracker (probably not good), but now that I’m pregnant I can’t crack my back anymore.  I think all that tension is just building and building!

So yesterday I shopped around and found what seemed like a good price for a 60 minute prenatal massage.  I’m funny about money and have a hard time splurging on things that seem like luxurious instead of necessities.  I have only have two other massages in my life one after my first marathon, and the other using a Groupon!  I am so glad I went though, because it was more than worth the price!

I was taken back into a little room with yummy smelling candles and lotions, dim lighting, and soothing music.

2011-09-01 12.08.04

I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect since I knew I wouldn’t be able to lay face down or flat on my back.  My massage therapist had the table all set up with pillows for propping myself up on my side on top of a heated table.  Heaven.

2011-09-01 12.08.11

She did thirty minutes on one side and thirty minutes on the other.  One of the major areas that has been bothering me the most is my tailbone, and after I told this to the masseuse, she ended up giving me a hard core butt muscle rub.  I never would have been brave enough to ask anyone to rub my bum, but she totally did, and I absolutely loved it.  I told her I wanted lots of pressure on my back, and at certain points she pushed so hard it was painful in a good way.

Sixty minutes of pure heaven, and I slept so much better last night.  I’m hoping to go at least one or two more times before Baby C arrives!

2011-09-01 12.08.19

After the massage ended, I felt like I needed a nap.  That’s normal, right?

Have you tried a prenatal massage?  How do you treat yourself during pregnancy?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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