My High Risk Pregnancy Costs $3,500 a Month – for the Medications

My High Risk Pregnancy Costs $3,500 a MonthThat’s how much this high risk pregnancy costs, just for the medicines I take each month, to try to get to full term.

To me, that is crazy. I know others have even more; then add in hospital stays, home care, and pumps for immediate relief. None of which I’ve had to endure this time.

While there is a part of it all that is a bit sad I have to do this “just in case” and not have a normal pregnancy, most of me is simply thankful it’s even an option. I’d have been one of those women a hundred years ago that lost multiple pregnancies and never knew why. I’m never going to be one to tell you modern medicine isn’t a miracle because it is. I’ve been on the side of no intervention, twice, and it isn’t a fun place to be.

I’m nearly 27 weeks with this pregnancy and there have been no complications whatsoever outside of side effects from the medicines. My cervix is closed and long, I’m gaining weight at a normal rate, the hyperemesis has tapered to a point I only have to take one pill at night. This baby is normal and right on track. I know some of this isn’t due to medication but simply a different, single pregnancy – but even with my daughter I had complications start to finish.

We have military insurance, which recently changed up a bit and now costs us nearly nothing outside the small deductible we’ve already met. Bella’s pregnancy and birth nearly put us in the poorhouse, and we had fairly good insurance through the state of Colorado at the time. The cost of medical care in this country is completely out of proportion with income.

Each night, before I head to bed, I give myself a shot and take around 4-5 pills. I’m often switched around to another dose, another brand. My pharmacist knows me by name. My bathroom shelf is covered in bottles. I’m no longer afraid of needles.

So much for that book on a Totally Organic Pregnancy I read a few years ago. LOL.

It’s not ideal. It’s definitely not what you dream of pregnancy being like. However, that really doesn’t matter. I know how blessed I am to still be carrying this little boy and to be as far as I am. I know women who would give anything to be where I am and take 4x the amount that I do. So while the side effects (nosebleeds, hip pain, nausea, drowsiness, and headaches to name a few) are irritating, it’s short term pain for a long term joy.

$3,500 a month. It’s like we’re already sending this kid to some fancy private school and he’s not even born yet. 🙂

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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