My Hospital Bag Splurges

For the past few weeks, I’ve been gathering up gear that I will need for my short stay in the hospital when I give birth. My leisurely packing began around the 37 week mark, when I found the perfect going home outfit for my little guy. Since then, I’ve been lazily throwing items in the direction of the luggage, hoping I don’t forget anything when the time actually comes and we rush out the door.

So far, I packed a few baby items such as some cute onesies and swaddling blankets. I’ve gather up a change of clothes for my husband, and have packed a few essentials for myself. Essential things like my own pillow, a warm throw blanket, a comfortable going home outfit, and of course some of my favorite snacks.

I’ve given birth three times, and if I’ve learned anything, I’ve learned that it’s 2 short days of amazing bonding with your new baby before being discharged into the “real world”. Knowing what I know now, I’ve decided that it’s ok to splurge on a few things, to make my time in the hospital as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible.

A few splurge worthy items you just *might* find hiding in my hospital bag:

  • Kindle Fire, $199 1 of 6
    Kindle Fire, $199
    I love my eReader because I can read a book, check twitter, facebook and email, all while one handed, breastfeeding, with the lights out.
    Purchase: Amazon
  • Bravado Designs, Original Nursing Bra, $35 2 of 6
    Bravado Designs, Original Nursing Bra, $35
    The first few days as my milk begins to come in, a great nursing bra that I can be worn both day and night is essential.
    Purchase: Bravado Designs
  • Milkstars, The Nancy PJ Set, $79 3 of 6
    Milkstars, The Nancy PJ Set, $79
    Even in the midst of just giving birth, I still want to feel beautiful without losing comfort. A great pair of PJ's is just what the fashion doctor ordered.
    Purchase: Milkstars
  • Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment, $22.50 4 of 6
    Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment, $22.50
    My lips completely dry out during labor and delivery. One thing I always keep by my bedside postpartum is my favorite lip treatment.
    Purchase: Sephora
  • Smartwool Socks, $20.95 5 of 6
    Smartwool Socks, $20.95
    Hospitals are oftentimes very chilly, and I always pack a pair or two of really great socks.
    Purchase: Smartwool
  • Sorel Nakiska Slippers, $55 6 of 6
    Sorel Nakiska Slippers, $55
    For keeping my feet warm and cozy while making trips to the restroom and lounging in the postpartum room.
    Purchase: Sorel

Have you splurged on anything fantastic to throw in your hospital bag?

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