My Husband is Nesting

At 26 weeks of pregnancy, I have yet to have any desire to organize or prepare the house for the baby. Nesting is a feeling I have yet to even understand, let alone experience. I feel like we still have plenty of time ahead, on top of which, the baby isn’t even going to use his room for several weeks to months. And I don’t even want to start working on it until after baby showers when we have things to put in the room.

Basically, I’m procrastinating. Which is, and always has been, my style.

And normally it is my husband’s style too. But in the past few months, something has changed.

Starting in early December, he started getting an itch. Not a literal one, but a metaphorical one. He wanted to start converting the office into the nursery. I refused to participate at the time because I was swamped in schoolwork and the baby was still the size of a tomato and did not need his own room. And so he started working.

As my stress level decreased, my participation in the nursery conversion became more mandatory. I tried to come up with excuses, but it turns out that “important” twitter conversations are not more important than my husband’s need to have a move in ready nursery 18 weeks in advance.

So I’ve been helping. I built a small bookcase, I organized and discarded items from my drawer of the desk that now resides in our garage. And every time I think we’ve gotten the nursery to a stage where he can just relax, he finds another thing that needs to be done.

Internet, my husband is nesting. And he is nesting hard.

All of my attempts to politely explain to him that we have plenty of time left before the baby comes have fallen on deaf ears. He is literally having nightmares about not finishing everything on time. I’m having nightmares about getting a kitten the same day as we have a baby and he’s having nightmares about bringing the baby home to a nursery that is completely full with office furniture. We are quite a pair. And when he isn’t working on the nursery, he’s working on the hall closet or the laundry closet or anything else in the house that can possibly be organized.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that he’s cleaning and I am incredibly grateful for all the work he has done, but all of this cleaning seems to need my attention and is always URGENT and I am just not there yet. I want to support his desire to have a clean house, but I really want to support this from the couch, which is where I want to spend my evenings and weekends these days.

Please tell me my husband isn’t the only one who’s doing all the nesting. Did all of you go through a nesting phase, or is it normal to want to spend your time resting instead of nesting?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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