My IVF Cocktail of Drugs & Hormones

IVF Cocktail of Drugs & Hormones

My supply of pinot grigio and Brooklyn Brown Ale has been packed away for the summer and replaced with an entirely new cocktail of sorts: my IVF drugs and hormones. While it’s wild to think about all the science behind the making of our baby, I’ve recently come to stress a whole lot less about it. I want to have a child, and this is how we must do it.

It matters little how many needles I must poke myself with, how many hot flashes I must awake to in the middle of the night, how many extended lunch breaks I must take for my fertility appointments, how many plans must be changed to work around my cycle, or how much money the pharmaceutical company is robbing us of. This is my road to motherhood.

If you’d like a further glimpse into what this journey is like, check out my monthly IVF cocktail of drugs and hormones. And tell me: To what lengths did you go to become a mother?

  • Pregnyl 1 of 7
    Pregnyl is highly purified and obtained from the urine of pregnant women (I know, gross). But this much-needed drug is used to stimulate ovulation and egg release. And like most IVF drugs, it's an injection.
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  • Menopur 2 of 7
    Menopur is used in IVF procedures to stimulate multiple follicular development. It's a mix of naturally occurring LH and follicle-stimulating hormones, which both work to help properly develop my ovaries' eggs. This is also an injection.
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  • Estradiol 3 of 7
    Yes, that says, "Take tablet vaginally." Estradiol is an estrogen supplement that helps maintain the endometrial lining of the uterus and helps support the growth of the endometrium. Hey, I gotta do what I gotta do, right? This baby isn't going to make itself!
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  • Gonal-f 4 of 7
    Gonal-f is a follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) that helps with the development of ovary follicles, which in turn helps immature eggs reach maturation. Again, another injection.
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  • Cetrotide 5 of 7
    Cetrotide is another injectable hormone. This one is used to prevent premature ovulation. I'm an early ovulator, and since we want primo eggs that are fully mature, this one is especially important for me.
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  • Crinone 6 of 7
    Crinone is a gel that's administered vaginally with an applicator after the embryo transfer. It can be used for up to 12 weeks, until the progesterone productivity by the placenta reaches the required levels.
    More info about Crinone
  • Biohazard Bucket 7 of 7
    Biohazard Bucket
    And this is the handy-dandy biohazard bucket I put all my used needles in. It was a little scary at first having that creepy biohazard symbol staring back at me, but I've gotten used to it. Though I must say, I do put this bucket away when company calls.

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