My Latest Cravings and Aversions In Early Second Trimester

cravingsI am so happy I am finally able to eat and enjoy food again since morning sickness came into play about 10 weeks ago. Now that I am early into the second trimester, there have been some food cravings and aversions, always fun pregnancy symptoms!

During my past pregnancies, I’ve always had some sort of food that I would crave and typically I would have an aversion to chicken in any form. The aversion, since it was only one, was easy to manage and I just avoided eating, touching, or smelling chicken until after the baby was born.

This time around, I am happy to be craving more than just water. Though that first craving is still there, my body now wants to eat pounds of fruit and orange juice. Anything slightly sour is great. But, the food aversions, well. They’re more than just chicken now.

It’s become all meat, in fact. Beef, chicken, pork, fish, deli meats, anything. I can’t stand the look or the smell of them and if I eat some, I automatically feel nausea and can’t avoid vomiting.

I have tried a few different ways to sneak in some meat protein, but every time it just doesn’t want to settle in my stomach and I end up regretting it and reaching for another bowl of fruit.

I know that in my past experiences, any food aversion that I had would stick around for the entire pregnancy. I have a feeling perhaps this one is going to be a vegetarian pregnancy experience. Which, right now, is totally okay with me. Just don’t put your hands on my fruit bowl and we will be cool.

:: What food did you have a craving or aversion to during pregnancy? ::

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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