My Latest Indulgence

Soak it up, soak it in.

There comes a point in pregnancy where you realize you’ll do nearly anything just to be comfortable. You’ll leave the house in sweats. You might forgo a bra for a larger portion of the day. You’ll wear slippers more than shoes. You might even buy ergonomic shoes.

I might be guilty of some or all of the above. But during my last pregnancy, there was always one comfort indulgence I wanted, but couldn’t have. I lived in a small apartment in a large city. Our very old (and very pink) bathroom had a tub that hadn’t been replaced since about 1950, and no amount of Clorox could make me feel it was up to snuff. We would shower in it, but not once was the bathtub drawn for its purpose: an actual bath.

Even after the birth of our baby and the following two years, we continued to bathe our boy in a baby tub. Now in my third trimester of my second pregnancy, we recently moved (which is an entirely separate post) and though this place isn’t perfect, it does have one thing I absolutely love, and get plenty of use out of.

Our large, oval, soaking bathtub has become my best friend. I feel fine for most of the day, but usually around twilight, I realize that my back and my feet are starting to ache. And when dinner’s done and the kid is in bed, I head to the bathroom, squirt some minty-smelling body soap into the basin, and watch the bubbles rise.

After lowering my big ol’ self into the water, I realize that for once–even just ten minutes of the day–I am truly comfortable. While I relax, I try to spend a little one-on-one time with the baby in my belly: talking to her, nudging her, preparing mentally for her arrival and picturing her little face.

So, really not that big of an indulgence, right? But what if I told you I do it more than once a day sometimes? Like yesterday, when I needed a break at 3 p.m., and again after the Halloween party? I hate to feel like I’m wasting water, but I won’t be pregnant much longer. And a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Plus, you can only wear sweats to preschool so many times. Up next: MBT shoes?

What’s your pregnancy “indulgence”? What’s the one thing that makes you feel comfortable?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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