My Must Have Baby Gear: ExerSaucer

The other day my sister was over and she and I decided to go through my baby gear to make sure it’s all in working order. I hauled the ExerSaucer and jumper out of the attic and out of the bags they’ve been living in. I loaned each out to a friend and just shoved them back into storage in the bags they came back in. Big mistake, both loaning them out and not checking them before storing. Both items were not properly cared for and returned in pretty rough shape. We are talking caked on food and formula and disgusting and not salvageable!

Personally, I need an ExerSaucer and jumper because both of my kids loved them and it gave me (my arms) a much needed break. I’m not using it as a baby sitter while I sit in front of the TV and eat bon bons (does anyone actually do this?!). Thanks to this must have baby gear, I was able to shower and actually cook dinner. I also got down on the floor and interacted with the baby while he played. I plan on using one again for baby Atticus so I can take care of my basic needs while Atticus is safely playing.

Mine are in need of replacement so I was able to get the new and greatly improved version of the ExerSaucer. In fact, it’s a two in one!

The new one I chose is the Jump and Learn Jungle Quest ExerSaucer which means I have now reduced two large pieces of baby gear into one since it’s an activity center with a bouncy base for baby to jump.

For entertainment, Atticus will have 58 learning activities and a bouncy base for working those little legs. It’s so fun to watch the baby bounce and jump and laugh, I’ve got endless videos of my older two bouncing away.  This new version has toys that actually come off and the baby can take with them. I can’t tell you how many times my kids wanted to remove the toys of the other exersaucer. I’m not gonna lie, this new one is a lot easier on the eyes too. Hooray for new baby gear!

Check out evenflo for more info on the Jump and Learn ExerSaucer.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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