My Name is Ilana and I'm 21 Weeks

I regularly blog over at Babble’s Toddler Times about my two-year-old girl, Mazzy, but since I’m currently 21 weeks pregnant with my second kid, I thought I’d mix things up, swing over here and talk about my growing belly, too.

(I know all you fellow pregnant people just made a mental note of my daughter’s name and either thought, “Huh?” or “Hmmmm….” At least, that’s what I would have done.)

I also write a daily blog called Mommy Shorts but there doesn’t seem to be enough days in a week to talk about both my toddler and my baby bump, so it’s very nice that Babble is going to let me write about important things like food cravings (more watermelon, please!), weight gain (16 lbs thus far), and middle of the night leg cramps (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!) over here.

Also, you should know, that because this pregnancy has so far been largely uneventful (famous last words), I’ll be talking about my first pregnancy too— allergic reactions, emergency visits, ICU stays, oh my!

And, I’ll be taking a walk down memory lane, all the way back to my first trimester which SUUUUUUUUUUUUCKED. I never got to write about it because back then, I was still keeping the pregnancy thing a secret. The only person I could complain to was my husband, who, let’s be honest, REALLY DOESN’T GET IT.

We already know what we’re having but I think I’ll save that reveal for another post. Unless you are one of those people who opened your Christmas presents shortly after Thanksgiving— you guys can find out the answer right here.

I’m very excited to be writing in a space where everybody is virtually in the same boat. I mean, everybody’s pregnancy is drastically different (just like our children will be) but there’s a certain kinship when one woman says, “I’m 21 weeks” and someone else says, “Oh, really? I’m 19!”

So spill it. How many weeks along are you? And is this your first or second kid? (I assume that after your third, you are way over reading pregnancy blogs.)

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