My OB Said What?!?

A while ago I was making my blog reading rounds, and I came across this website called My OB Said What?!? I immediately thought it was an awesome idea, various quotes from real women all over the world about less than perfect experiences they had surrounding pregnancy, birth, and their reproductive health.

Of course, every Thursday they include positive and thoughtful quotes in something they call Thoughtful Thursday but some of the day-to-day quotes the site puts up helps paint a pretty clear picture of all those health care providers we really want to avoid while we are pregnant.  Again showing the importance of interviewing prenatal care providers before we just jump in because our insurance covers Dr. X, Y, or Z.

I wanted to share some of the more recent quotes from the website, so that the readers here could see after much disbelief… this is happening right here in America!

“If she were my wife, she’d be having a cesarean.” OB to the husband of a laboring VBAC mother.

“Ok, the baby is never going to come out that way.  We need to get you on your back.” OB to mother who was pushing with a squatting bar.

Using a midwife for a home birth is no better than having a back alley abortion.” OB to mother who transferred after birth for a repair on a third degree tear.

“Well, maybe God took the baby to tell you it is time to stop having kids.” Family Practice doctor to mother grieving her 9th miscarriage.

“If it were up to me, the Cesarean rate would be 100%.” OB to mother.

OB:  “If I’d known the baby was so big, I would have done a cesarean section.”

Mother:  (holding her just birthed baby) “I wouldn’t have let you!”

OB:  “It wouldn’t have been up to you.”

“Tongue tie has nothing to do with breastfeeding, you’re doing something else wrong.” Ear/Nose/Throat doctor to a mother with a two day old baby.

“Pitocin doesn’t cause uterine rupture. VBAC causes uterine rupture.” OB to VBA2C mother at 32 week prenatal visit.

“Birth plans are the kiss of death. Everyone who brings one in ends up with a cesarean.” OB to mother at a prenatal.

“So, I hear you’re the couple wanting to eat the placenta, right?” OB while holding a just delivered placenta aloft.

“Home births almost always result in dead babies. I see it happen all the time.” OB to mother.

“You’re under 5’2”³ and your shoe size is less than a 6, so you’re going to have to have a cesarean.” OB to mother.

“”Do you want to make your baby sick?” L&D Nurse to mother who wanted to breastfeed her baby in the special care nursery.

“You’ve got a tiny, narrow pelvis. Like a 12 year old. I’ll schedule your cesarean for 38 weeks.” OB to mother, who’d previously vaginally delivered a 9lb 6oz baby, at her 28 week appointment with her second pregnancy.

“Do you want to make your baby sick?” L&D Nurse to mother who wanted to breastfeed her baby in the special care nursery.

“You can try to push if you really want to, but you probably won’t get anywhere, then you’d need an emergency cesarean section, and the cesarean section team is about to go home. You could kill yourself and your baby.” OB to mother in labor.

“Just so you know…the doctor won’t let you go overdue. We like to start internals around 37 weeks to stretch things out, get the cervix ripe, and strip the membranes. The doctor will induce by 39 weeks because there is too much risk after that and the baby just keeps getting bigger.” CNM during interview with parents looking for a practice supportive of natural births.

“Absolutely not. You are 41 weeks, and therefore your negotiating powers have gone away. If I don’t induce you right now, the baby will die.” -OB to mother when the mother asked if she could wait a few more days before being induced.

Of course there are a lot of great providers out there, but just reading the above makes me hurt for the women who have gone through this. I also included My OB Said What?!? on my list of the top 10 pregnancy and birth blogs of 2010.

Have you ever had an inappropriate comment from a provider?


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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