My Practical Pregnancy Wardrobe

When it comes to clothes, I don’t do style.  Sorry.  I like what’s comfortable, and what fits me.  So when it comes to maternity clothes clothes that I will only wear for a few months, during a time when I am generally uncomfortable anyway I definitely am not looking for anything stylish or trendy.  I want what works.

I also don’t want anything expensive.  I mean, yes, this is the third time that I am wearing these clothes so I’m “getting my use” out of them.  But still?  They’re a temporary wardrobe at best.

Here’s what’s in my pregnancy wardrobe:

  • *Jeans need I say more?  A basic pair that goes under my belly.
  • *Khakis yup, more basics.
  • *Black dress pants again…basics!
  • *A black skirt I don’t really need that, but it is cute and functional.
  • *Khaki shorts This is the second time I’ve been pregnant in the summer and I get really, really hot.
  • *Several short-sleeve shirts (about 8 or 10?) various styles and colors for everyday wear
  • *2 “nice” dress shirts just in case I go to a party or somewhere nice, but also not so fancy I couldn’t wear them “everyday” either.
  • *3 sweaters because I get cold in the winter when I’m too big for regular clothes.
  • *1 zip-up hoodie to throw over anything else I’m wearing in case I get cold
  • *1 bathing suit only because we were planning to go to the beach last time I was pregnant.  But it’ll be nice in the early summer months when my kids want to go to the water parks and I am dying in the heat!

That’s it!  I don’t have a bunch of fancy dresses, or special underwear (just wear the style that goes below your belly!!  Who wants underwear up to their breasts, anyway?).  I do have a couple of nursing/pregnancy bras but really only wear them when I’m nursing several times a day.  I don’t bother otherwise.  I just wear a regular old bra.

I know that you will get sick of having such a limited wardrobe.  But at the end of pregnancy you are so tired of it anyway, and ready to meet your baby, that clothes are really the least of your worries.  Go with what’s comfortable and easy and reasonably priced, and you won’t be sorry!  (And you won’t have a gigantic wardrobe to keep until next time!)

What’s in your pregnancy wardrobe?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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