My Pregnancy Week 6: Good News First…or Bad?

 If you haven’t gotten caught up from last week, you may want to go here before reading. Yesterday, I hardly waited before my 9 year sono tech veteran called my name. Boy, was I happy to see her! After explaining what happened last week, she was already up to speed with my doctor and was sure I had just come entirely too early.

Two seconds later comes the GOOD news: BABY is spotted! This was an immediate relief. Measuring just as I thought, 6 weeks and 1 day and a beautiful 119 heart rate. Debbie, my lovely sono tech went around to see just what happened to that twin. After looking at the sono, she thought it was a second sac. However, it seemed the twin did not attach and it absorbed. While most would think I am would be very upset, in this moment, I was just happy to see a heartbeat. Sure, it would be amazing to have twins, but you have to be thankful with what you are blessed with. And then she found something else — lots of polyps and “mini” Endometriosis. I swear, it’s like I go from one extreme to the next at every visit.  She reassured me 5 times that it was nothing to worry about and that this just explained my heavy periods. Well, of course the doctor I saw thought otherwise with her fancy medical terms.

Since they squeezed me in, I didn’t have a choice to see my regular doc. The midwife at the practice came in to assure me that it looks like I am right on schedule with the last day of my period. After talking for about 5 minutes for the plans going forward – another sono in 10 days, start prenatal care, internal exam, etc – she decides she feels the need to give me one last worry for the weekend (besides waiting again for my hGC levels to come back on Monday). “Well, we did see quite a few polyps. So, there could be a chance that this is a molar pregnancy. But, with the heartbeat, I really don’t think it is.” What the heck is Molar Pregnancy? After doing 2 years of nursing before getting my degree in Journalism in Fashion, I do know “doc talk.” But this was one I would have to google. She basically just told me that it is when the tissue forms an abnormal growth that becomes cancerous. Well, of course, all I heard was cancer. Just what I need to start the weekend!

After going home and talking to my many cheerleading friends, I have decided from this point on in my pregnancy, I am only seeing my doctor, and I will refuse to let their fancy medical terms bother me. Mr. Darling reassured me that I was indeed fine and doctors just have to cover everything. I was still frustrated they even mentioned it.

So what am I hoping for this week? Doubling hGC levels + a perfect 8 week visit.

Thank you all so much for all your kind words, feedback and advice from last week.

My readers really got me through a tough week and I look forward to your support!

Thank you cupcakes – hugs to all that commented!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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