My Secret Confidence Boost for Labor? Reading Birth Stories

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Feeling prepared and educated before going into labor can make you feel more confident!

Throughout my pregnancy, one of the biggest confidence boosts I’ve discovered has been reading birth stories of other new moms.  To me, they’re truly addicting and I’ve found myself wanting more after I finish each one.  By reading both the good and the bad experiences, I’ve felt that not only have they left me with a greater knowledge of labor and delivery, but through these words of other women, I’ve gained more confidence for my own labor.

I still remember the first time I read a birth story and how it made me feel.  I was moved to say the least.  I’ve decided that a natural childbirth is the best for myself and my baby.  With all the strongest efforts I’ve got, I’m hoping to deliver my baby unmedicated with as little interventions as possible.  Therefore, I’ve especially enjoyed hearing how women dealt with the pain of their contractions or how they reacted when things didn’t go exactly as planned.  If you’re interested in reading birth stories, Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth is a gold mine.  The entire first section of the book is filled with birth stories, all different from the other.  In general, it’s a pretty fantastic resource if you’re thinking about a natural labor.

I’ve learned that ultimately the reality is that every mother’s experience is different, and there’s no technique, approach or solution that works for everyone.  At this point, nearly full-term, I’m not afraid of labor.  I’ve been able to put trust into my body and my baby that things will end up in the best situation as possible.  And I can’t help but think that by reading these compelling birth stories that I’ve gained more confidence along the way.

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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