My Serious Love Hate Relationship With Pacifiers

Pacifier, binky, booper, ninny. Whatever you may call it, it’s a total frenemy.

Out of my 4 Littles, 3 of them have been hooked, obsessed, addicted, and attached to the binky. That’s what we call it in our house. And it came to me the other night when I had hunted for over 10 minutes for a binky. I wanted to rip my hair out over these things. My bag of 10+ somehow disappeared and instead of only needing 1, I am always making sure and checking for 2.Right now, I am desperately trying not to give it to my 2-year-old anymore, but it’s a little hard when my 15-month-old still can’t live without it. Or well, at least that is how she acts. And honestly, sometimes I just need some peace. How do you take it from one and give it to the other? Mission impossible. 

Our 15-month-old, Sadie, really needed it when she was born. As a 34-weeker, she spent the first 4 weeks in the NICU so there was no way we could not give it to her. I mean, it really does help when it comes to being in the NICU. When we came home, our 15-month-old wasn’t going to give hers up without a fight so that is how we ended up with 2 with pacifiers. Now I am regretting it. Completely. 

I love them. I love them for the moments when you are in the doctor’s office and the wait is forever and you have a sick baby clinging to you who is crying. I love them for long car rides. I love them for bedtime. It makes everything so much easier. I love them for when I have to work. I love them for nap time. I love them for teething. I love them for quiet.

I hate them because they vanish. Somehow, they are like socks in the dryer. They disappear in a second and it’s frurstrating. I hate them because I feel like I am shoving it in their mouth at times just to mute them in a desperate situation. I hate looking for them. I hate spending money on them. I’ve probably spent over $1,000 the last few years. I hate having to worry about bringing them when we leave the house, or better yet, if we forget them. I hate the fact that they share so many germs. Sometimes I just want them to all disapperar and every one to forget about them. But I don’t think that is going to happen. 

I will have another little within the next few weeks. I really don’t want to give them a binky. I want the binky fairy to come and just have them all disappear but I am not sure if I have the guts to do it. But than again, what will life be like without pacifiers? How will bed time be affected without my child’s first love, the pacifier? And sure, baby no. 5 may not even like the pacifier. Baby no. 1 didn’t! But, if he does, is it wrong to not give it to him when I offered it to the others

This is where I need YOUR help. Pronto!

What are your thoughts on pacifiers? Did you give it to one and not give it to the other?  Did you just cold turkey and take them away? Did you give in and just say oh well, who cares if they have a pacifier? I have been a momma for 10 years, but I am just stuck with what to do in this situation. And why do I even care? I think it is because I am sick of them. It has nothing to do with their age or what the doctor has said or what total strangers say about the binky. I just kind of think my life would be easier without them.

I never knew such a small $2 piece of plastic could have such a small impact on my life. Oh, the dilemmas in Mommyhood.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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