My Take On Simplicity

me and dad
Me with my Dad when I was a baby.

The other day I confessed my anxiety about becoming a parent.  Since becoming pregnant, I’ve been super focused on doing everything perfectly for our first baby.  I’ve been obsessively reading reviews and making sure that every purchase we make for our new baby is the right one.  I feel constantly overwhelmed by products and choices like which version of cloth diapers do I want to go with or which toys will stimulate my newborn best?  With so much out there, it’s hard not to get in over your head when stocking the nursery.

Recently, a friend of mine turned me on to an article about a couple living in a 380 square foot house with their 9 month old toddler.  Their house consists of two rooms, and that’s if you count the bathroom.  There isn’t a designated nursery or even a crib.  My initial thought was, “380 square feet, with a baby!?  They’ve got to be out of their mind!”

But after 9 months of pregnancy, I have to really admire those who have a “simplicity is best” way of thinking.  As much as I’d like to focus on simplicity and stop thinking about all the stuff, sometimes I get wrapped up in it all.  To quote the article, “People tell you you need all this stuff for a baby. All you really need is diapers, a place to change him and boobs.”

I think back to what I had as a kid and I didn’t really have a lot.  I had what I needed which included fun toys, something good to eat, warm clothes and a lot of love.  Simplicity is really is best.  And that’s something I vow to work on as a parent.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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