My Top 10 Post-Pregnancy Plans

Most of you probably think, “Why is this chick already making post-pregnancy plans at 24 weeks?” You would think I would be wanting to soak up my last pregnancy right? Sure, I am excited to have a baby, however — I’m going to be blunt — this pregnancy has sucked! If you’ve been following me for the last couple weeks (if not – read here) you have been riding the roller coaster with me. As always, I am ready to get off. I am over it. Completely. Don’t get me wrong — I feel completely blessed and don’t want to be complaining at all but, I am ready to hold my healthy son and I really want to make sure he dosen’t arrive anytime soon, as he is trying. I will be having an “end of pregnancy” party to celebrate his arrival and my departing bump. You can bet on it.  But until my charming little man arrives, I will just be counting down until I can check things off my post-pregnancy to-do list, if you will. Yep, I’ve got big plans and I can’t wait to get them started. Besides cuddling with my baby boy, of course! 

After the jump, see what my top ten post-pregnany plans will be! Did you make plans once your Little arrived? Tell me. Maybe I can add it to my list!

  • I Can’t Wait to Run 1 of 10
    I Can't Wait to Run
    Free! I will be stocking up on some super-cute new exercise clothes and running laps in my neighborhood. How sad? I've never been excited to go jogging or exercise in general, but when you're on bed rest for what feels like an eternity — you can bet I will be getting my running shoes on.
    This tennis skirt is so cute! Can't wait to pick it up at Nordstrom
  • Fill Up The Glass 2 of 10
    Fill Up The Glass
    Okay, don't get me wrong — I am not an alcholic + I really hardly ever drink unless it's a special occasion. But this summer has been hot, and I've been longing for a pretty little cocktail with one of those cute umbrellas. I can't wait to break out the mixer + whip up a little post-pregnancy drink.
    Image via Martha Stewart
  • Vacay 3 of 10
    Don't worry, I don't plan to skip out on the fam right away, but we had to cancel all of our summer trips and weekends away, so I will be planning one this winter. It may just be something small, but I can't wait to take my family somewhere special after what they've put up with.
  • Call Me Merry Maid 4 of 10
    Call Me Merry Maid
    I know, who wants to clean? But, when you are on bedrest for almost half of your pregnancy, you'd be surprised — you actually miss organizing, nesting and, hey, even doing the dishes. I can't wait to do everything on my own. I am not a fan of having the hubs be at my beck + call. While many take advantage of their situation, I like to be independent.
    Get some cute cleaning gloves from Layla Grayce
  • Get Back to My Chaotic Work Schedule 5 of 10
    Get Back to My Chaotic Work Schedule
    Sure, I'm still working + I'm still constantly replying to emails, meeting deadlines, etc. But I miss the photo shoots, the events — and most of all — New York Fashion Week. I'll be happy when my work schedule can go back to normal and my staff doesn't have to work so hard. Image: The lovely Kelly Cutrone + I at New York Fashion Week during an event.
  • No Rolling Out of Bed 6 of 10
    No Rolling Out of Bed
    I can't imagine what I'll look like in a few more weeks and so many times I end up on my back during my sleep, and well, it's not good. I have the worst time getting up in the morning + I have to roll out of bed. Literally. Sounds fun, right? If you are a 4-year-old. I can't wait to just jump right out of bed and go! The medication I am on for pre-term labor also makes me very dizzy, so it'll be nice to not have to break before rising.
    Image via Emily A Clark
  • No Restrictions! 7 of 10
    No Restrictions!
    Some days I feel so tied down and as independent momma — I hate it. You'd think I would love to get waited on hand and foot, but it gets old. I'll be happy when I have absolutely no restrictions and don't have to stop and think before doing something.
    Image via Abode Living
  • Drive 8 of 10
    A pretty crazy one but, again — thanks to the lovely medication — I can't drive. Because of anemia + the mix of meds, I can randomly (and have!) pass out. I love having a chauffeur (that's my hubs!) but I will be happy to not feel like Driving Miss Daisy.
    Image via iStock Photo
  • Hit Up Starbucks 9 of 10
    Hit Up Starbucks
    Times ten. I really have been good about not having a lot of caffeine. And, well, my addiction to Starbucks is one I've said good-bye to. I may actually hit-up the drive through on the way home from the hospital; I can't wait to sip a cup of joe.
    Image via Starbucks
  • Shop 10 of 10
    Until I drop. Literally! I haven't been in a Target or even a grocery store for the last three weeks. I am having Target withdrawl and, boy, do I miss those red carts. I can't wait to browse around and shop for hours!
    Image via Ryan Companies



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