My Top 5 Labor Tunes

The King of Smooth in My Books

That’s right. Labour tunes. For in the moment or while you are waiting for it. With the birth of our first, Al Green brought it home for us, just as he did in with wee lad’s conception. We had been listening to a whole bunch of other music throughout my 15 hours of labour, but the mister made sure Al’s smooth soul was in the house come time. True story: the manling was gigging at the annual International Folk Alliance Conference in Memphis Tennessee, circa February 2009.

He and his band leader Raven Kanataka, (now one of Wyndham’s sponsors) attended one of the Reverend Al Green’s services. Because he’s AL GREEN dude. Full of inspiration for one of the world’s greatest soul/R&B musicians of our time, the mister brought home a double vinyl, ‘Lay It Down’ lit some candles and dropped the needle. The rest is baby-making history. We joke that it was the Reverend’s sermon who blessed his, (the mister’s) swimmers to super-power status, given my years of struggling with infertility. Here’s some of what’s on my playlist for this time around.

This little listy is courtesy my pal Dory who’s been tweeting me songs in jest and good nature. Jest or no, I dig all of these picks and have already downloaded the two I didn’t have. Click below the photo to hear and download each one!

Expectant momma’s, do you want music at home or in the delivery room while you work away? If so, what’s your top 5? Let’s make the biggest, funniest, most assorted   compilation ever! Of course feel free to add in the sweet and relaxing one’s too.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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