My Uterus is Angry

I guess the technical medical term is that my uterus is irritable. But it sure feels angry.

I’ve been working 8-5 for the past 7 weeks with no difficulty. My job involves a lot of time on my feet and time on the floor playing with kids. For the most part it’s going well, but I’d be lying if I said that the getting up off the floor part wasn’t becoming a challenge. I still have 9 weeks in my clinical affiliation and thankfully everyone there has already accepted the reality that as time goes on, I’m probably going to be able to do less and less.

But for the most part, work has gone smoothly. Very few contractions. Until this weekend, when oddly, I wasn’t working.

On Sunday around lunch time, I kept getting braxton hicks contractions. You know, the kind that don’t hurt, but make you feel like your whole uterus has shunk and hardened into a rock. It was pleasant. My doctor’s rule is 4 in an hour and you go to labor and delivery. I knocked 4 hour in 38 minutes. So I called L&D and they said to lay down, drink a cold glass of water and see if they went away. If they didn’t, come in. If they did, continue to drink water and relax.

Thankfully, they slowed down. For a while.

By the evening I was having 6 or 7 an hour, so I begrudgingly went to the hospital, for the second weekend in a row (last weekend was for a UTI). I got admitted, hooked up to all the monitors (my son does NOT care for the monitors) and waited. Unlike the previous weekend where the monitors were pretty quiet, this time they were picking up all the contractions. The OB decided that they were going to have to check my cervix both manually and with an ultrasound.

To all our delight, my cervix was classified as closed, high, firm and long. These are apparently all very good things for a cervix to be at 29 weeks. But they decided to continue monitoring me for 2 more hours and recheck again then.

In those 2 hours I had more contractions than I can count. None of them painful, all of them really obnoxious. And in 2 hours, my cervix was still closed, high, firm and long. Which means that none of those obnoxious contractions were doing anything productive, which is obviously good. That, combined with my negative FFN from the week before meant I was not in preterm labor.

Just that I have an irritable uterus. Which is apparently pretty much untreatable. And for the next 11 weeks, this will pretty much be my norm. I am given their blessing to not come to L&D unless the contractions get regular or painful, or if I have other signs of preterm labor. And I am to drink a ton of water, which I was already doing. I am relieved that I’m not in real labor, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little worried about making it another nearly 3 months like this.

Have any of you had the pleasure of an irritable uterus? Did anything make it better, or am I in for a rough 11 more weeks?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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