My Version of Nesting

We’ve hit the 34 weeks mark and though everyone keeps insisting that the nesting urge will hit soon, I am still without any signs of its impending fury. This weekend my aunt told me that after her first baby shower she felt compelled to iron all the tissue paper from her presents. Others chimed in with ironing curtains and cleaning all kinds of odd things. I smiled and nodded but silently thought they were all crazy because all I want to do is sit on a couch and sleep.

I think I’m maybe just not hardwired to nest.

Now, that said, I have become increasingly disturbed with the state of our apartment. I’m too tired to do much cleaning after work, my husband has been extremely busy the past 2 weeks with work presentations and overnight calls at the hospital, so our apartment is just an absolute stye. I mean, it’s not a health hazard, but instead of putting things away we have piles everywhere. Piles of clean clothes, piles of mail, piles of baby stuff. And then there’s the nursery, which I guess is finally starting to bother me a little.

Our nursery currently has a crib, bookcase, and a chaise lounge/bed in it. You might notice the one giant missing elephant in the room- the dresser. Our dresser is a hand-me-down from my sister-in-law whose house is currently shut down because they discovered asbestos in her walls and floor and have to thoroughly de-asbestos the house. The timeline of when that is going to be finished is…unclear at best. So our beautiful crib that we now have bedding for and can get all set up is absolutely completely full of stuff that we have no place for. And our matching dresser is sitting in a garage where we cannot get it.

Because of this little snag we haven’t been able to sort the huge bags of hand-me-downs we got from friends. We can’t start washing any clothes or organize any of the 8 million pairs of little itty bitty baby socks that we have. We can’t get the room looking ready for a baby, or like anything other than a baby storage center.

And it’s finally starting to get me worried. I’m thinking this might be my nesting.

I want the room done. I want the clothes organized, I want the crib bedding in, the curtains up, the adorable changing table pad set up. I want a complete nursery because right now I feel like I’m bringing my child home to a storage locker and it just feels wrong. I have zero desire to actually exert the energy to make this happen, but I also know that that’s what its going to take.

In addition to some really good asbestos cleansing and cashing in my Valentine’s gift of a thorough apartment cleaning by Merry Maids.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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