My Weirdest Pregnancy Symptom: Hiccups!


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I can usually tell pretty early on when I am pregnant, typically before a test turns positive. It’s part being an active basal body temperature taker and being very in tuned with any changes in hopes of getting pregnant.

Early symptoms for me usually start off with the general “is this PMS or pregnancy” questions. I get breast pain, cramps and moodiness. The second symptom that usually pops up is the tears! I am not normally an emotional person but even when very early pregnant, anything will set me off.

I have cried over tv commercials while pregnant, not having any more of my must have craving and yes, bawled like a baby when I finally saw that colored washer and dryers were now available (& yes, I’m old).

After those symptoms I start to get the queasiness, that feeling like you’re going to lose your lunch any second, but it just won’t happen. Then comes the smell aversions and my already-ultra-heightened nose goes even crazier and those all stick with me until after the baby is born.

One of the weirdest symptoms I experience nearly only when I am pregnant seems to follow next:

I get the hiccups and I get them bad. They are not constant, which is still quite annoying, but I will hiccup once or twice randomly ever 15 minutes to an hour. It’s not like the worst thing in the world, but if you combine it with the queasiness, it tends to take me from feeling uneasy to seeing my lunch again, if you know what I mean.

The first pregnancy this happened, I didn’t equate to it being a symptom of pregnancy. Just though maybe it was a weird coincidence. When I was no longer pregnant and had a baby in my arms, the hiccups went away.

I saw them again each time I got pregnant and they left again not soon after — so I have realized it’s one of those rare symptoms that who knows if anyone else has too.

:: Do you have any weird symptoms that show up when you’re pregnant that you’ve not heard of? ::

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