Nameberry Predicts Hottest New Names of 2012

As much as we all love searching through the Top 10/ Top 100/Top 1000 baby names each year, there isn’t too much of a surprise. We know we’ll see Aiden and Isabella towards the top, along with other steady favorites like Jack, Olivia, and Ethan.

Names shift up and down, sure, but there aren’t too many big shockers. (Although I was a little surprised to Mason jump up as the #1 name for boys in 2012 on BabyCenter, as well as Emma reclaiming her throne at the top.)

Nameberry took a different approach and recently announced their predictions for the hottest new names of 2012, based on their analysis of nearly 3 million Nameberry views in the first quarter of 2012.  These are the names that jumped up the most this year:

  • Rue 1 of 11
    Namberry saw a slew of names from The Hunger Games spike in popularity, prompting a rise in botanical names for girls. The most popular, however, is Rue.
  • Emmett 2 of 11
    Perhaps in part to the Twilight series, Emmett is one of the hottest names of 2012 — along with other -ett names like Everett and Beckett.
  • Ivy 3 of 11
    Nameberry says that Ivy (of Blue Ivy fame) has already broken through the Top 300, and they predict a meteoric rise from here.

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  • Weston 4 of 11
    Nameberry saw a major jump in names with "West" in them — the most popular being Weston, which is the name of Jenna Fischer's baby son.

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  • Adele 5 of 11
    Is an explanation necessary? There's one very specific reason why this name has reentered the Top 1000 list for the first time in nearly 500 years.
  • Grayson 6 of 11
    Nameberry pinpoints Grayson and Gray as being hot names for 2012 — possibly a modern spin on Jason. It might also have something to do with the Grayson family from the popular show Revenge.

    Photo credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC Television Group, 2011 Disney
  • Aria 7 of 11
    While Nameberry couldn't find a pop-culture reason why there's so much interest in Aria, they attribute it mostly to the popularity of "A" names (which studies show could predict more As in the classroom.) Yet it could possibly have something to do with the popular show Pretty Little Liars, which stars a character named Aria Montgomery.

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  • Cyrus 8 of 11
    No, it's not Miley that's jumping in popularity, but her surname Cyrus. Nameberry doesn't fully point to Miley as an influencer, but instead cites it as a vintage name (with an ancient royal flair) climbing up the ranks. (It also reminds me of Blair's step-father on Gossip Girl.)

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  • Estelle 9 of 11
    Princess Estelle was born earlier this year to Sweden's royal couple, which is one of the reasons this name is becoming popular again. It's a different approach to already-popular Stella, and it's a similar yet less high-profile choice than Adele.

    Photo credit: Rueters via The Baltimore Sun
  • Cato 10 of 11
    Many name blogs have talked about the popularity of -o names (i.e. Arlo, Harlow, etc.), and Cato jumps on that trend. And of course Cato is a character in The Hunger Games — even if he is a villain.
  • Blythe 11 of 11
    Nameberry says that Blythe is one of the freshest names that means happiness (also see: Felicity and Felix), and is most identified with Gwyneth Paltrow's mom Blythe Danner (although it also makes me think of the Blythe dolls.) Nameberry predicts that it will be a popular middle name in 2012.

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See Nameberry’s explanations for these baby name picks.

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