Naming a Baby Before Birth Helps Dads Bond, Study Reveals

Naming Baby Before Birth Helps Dad Bond

If you’re worried that your husband or boyfriend isn’t connecting to your pregnancy, you might want to consider giving your unborn baby a name before its arrival, and you should certainly find out the baby’s sex.

According to a new study from the University of Birmingham, dads that learn the sex of their babies and name them find it easier to bond emotionally with the baby. Specifically, the study tracked men’s experiences and emotions from the time they discovered the pregnancy to the early months of fatherhood.

The research found that while ultrasounds helped to make their partner’s pregnancy more real for men, it was “discovering the gender of their child, and giving him/her a name that tended to enable men to feel emotionally connected, because it allowed them to think of the unborn child as a person whom one can father, and with whom a relationship could be developed and a future imagined.”

This seems to makes sense. Even for myself, I felt more connected to my own pregnancy when considering names, and certainly after learning my twins’ sexes. So it doesn’t surprise me that men feel a stronger bond from naming their baby.

But is it the only way a man can bond with their partner’s pregnancy? I’d like to think there are other ways men can do this, but with no man in my life to question, I’ll ask you: How did your hubby or boyfriend bond with the baby during your pregnancy?

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