Natural Postpartum Care: DIY Herbal Sitz Bath

Easy & Cheap!

Ahhhh, good ‘ole postpartum perineal care. A topic we all love to think and talk about, yes?

Allow me to break the ice. Over the last few days when I was pregnant, (a whole 24 hours ago), I was riding the crazy bus for a wee bit. A tad bit more than usual that is.

You know, cleaning everything in sight, sewing layette like mad and making sure every. Last. Onsie. Is. Washed. Etc., Etc.

Amongst these nestpreatory (that’s a gooder, hmm?) urges and happenings, was the preparation of my birthing kit and gathering items for my own personal care after birthing.

After allowing myself to be gouged during this preparation last time – I chose to make as many of the products I need myself.

One of my favourites being an herbal sitz tea bath. Follow me after the jump for a quick and easy DIY on how to make your own.

  • What You’ll Need… 1 of 7
    What You'll Need...
    2 cups of Epsom salts: one of the most effective and most commonly used treatments for wounds around the world.
    Mildly antiseptic, salt water promotes healing and is actually soothing to open-tissues.
    2 cups Marigold Flowers (calendula): Slight analgesic (pain relieving) and moisturizing.
    1 cup of Comfrey: contains Allantoin which helps stimulate skin to regenerate new skin cells to speed healing
    1 cup of Plantain: soothes irritated mucous membranes, healing wounds, cuts and scratches.
  • Don’t Leave It Layered… 2 of 7
    Don't Leave It Layered...
    Even though it looks pretty. You want all of that goodness to be evenly distributed.
  • Funnel It Up 3 of 7
    Funnel It Up
    Any paper will do as a make-shift funnel if you don't have one. Pour all of your ingredients inski.
  • Shake, Shake, Shake. 4 of 7
    Shake, Shake, Shake.
    I love anything in a mason jar.
  • Jarred & Ready for Satchels 5 of 7
    Jarred & Ready for Satchels
    You'll have enough to make a few 1 cup sized cheesecloth baggies that you can tie up to steep in a bowl of boiling hot water (the longer the better) to add to your bath.
  • Peri Bottle 6 of 7
    Peri Bottle
    I made another jar to steep tea-water for my peri bottle.
  • Light Some Candles… 7 of 7
    Light Some Candles...
    and enjoy. These moments to yourself will be a rarity.

Often we forget about ourselves and our own needs will be after birthing…What are your favourite natural postpartum things?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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