Nearing Third Trimester: A 25-Week Update

IMG_7239 copyIt’s hard to believe this pregnancy is more than halfway over and that I am nearing my third trimester. Finding out I was pregnant seems like it was only yesterday but actually was the beginning of summer. I guess running around the city with two little ones really does make everything feel like it goes by faster than it really does.

I am trying to enjoy as much of this pregnancy as I can knowing that it will likely be my last one. All of the kicks, late-night wake-ups, and even heartburn make it all worth it, and I am trying to embrace all of it.

I visited my doctor last week for a quick checkup and the dreaded glucose test.

Here are 8 thoughts as I near the third trimester:

The Baby: The baby is now the size of cauliflower. He moves around like crazy at all times of the day and will even wake me up at night when he kicks. I love having a very active baby, but wonder if this is an indication that he is going to be active all the time when we meet him!

How I’m Feeling Emotionally: My hormones have definitely started to get the best of me. I will cry at just about anything and everything now. My patience is thin, and I get frustrated easily, but I think it’s because I’m upset that my body won’t let me do things the way it used to.

How I’m Feeling Physically: Still feeling nauseous and throwing up nearly every morning. Thank goodness for Zofran. I’m still taking it three times a day and find that it really helps at night when I take it so that I’ll wake up in the morning feeling much less nauseous. I’ve started having trouble sleeping, so a maternity pillow to help me sleep has been a must! I just got a new one and absolutely love it. I think I may be sleeping with it far after the pregnancy.

Weight Gain: Still gaining weight, which is a good thing, but also makes me uneasy. Gaining weight has always been hard on me emotionally, so I dread every time I have to go to the doctor and they tell me to step on the scale. So far I’ve gained around 13 pounds which is far more than I gained at this point with any of the girls. I’m not sure if it’s because I am carrying a boy or because this is my third time around.

What I’m Craving: The cravings have kind of subsided for the time being. There isn’t one particular thing I just have to have. It’s weird because I definitely craved certain things with the girls, but now I am much less picky.

What I’m Wearing: I am wearing more and more maternity clothes. Dresses and tights have been my favorite because they are so loose and comfortable. I have really bad varicose and spider veins in my right leg that are relentless, so I am wearing compression tights and socks so much more now. They aren’t very flattering, but they do help with the pain in my leg.

What I miss: I’ve been missing wine a lot lately. We’ve gone out to dinner with friends the past couple of weeks and the wine bottle has been on the table. It’s hard not joining them for a glass.

What I’m looking forward to: Making it to the third trimester! Just three more weeks to go and then it’s countdown time. I’ve been dreaming about meeting this little guy and it makes me more excited every time I think about it.


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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