Need Vs. Want: Stocking up For Baby #2

The Taga in all of it's glory...

So the end of third trimester is all about scrambling to make sure you have everything you need, right? Oh, how drastically things change from Baby #1 to Baby #2. Is it just me, or have any of you other mums to be been much more laid back in your preparations for the arrival of your 2nd? Or 3rd? Or 4th? (Etc.) As in, leaving it till the last minute? That Duggar mama, she must not need for much stocking up on, one would think, right?

My partner seems to think we’ve got it all taken care of, but you know I’m eyeing up that fan-diddly-astic double stroller/bike action up there, the Taga – even though we’ve been offered a freebie double Graco and have a cadillac for 1 already. Heaven’s but that things a caboose! (The Graco, not the Taga, sorry Graco.) I’m a mom on the go, yo! I need quick, compactible and yes, I can admit it – stylish wheels. C’mon! This thing is AWESOME and we all know it. Besides, I need a bike. The manling got himself a top of the line cruiser last year and we are plan on being avid bikers now that we are living so close to our downtown hood, gorgeous parks and waterfront trails.

Melissa Wells Photography for The Cuddle Loom on Etsy.

Every new baby deserves a few new cute things, methinks. Since we’re keeping the gender a surprise…until birth day people, until birth day. I of course wonder, what if it’s a girl? Those ruffles? The pink? The vintage dresses? Shoes? Etsy, you evil, never-ending source of cute. I’m ALL OVER IT. Sure, much of the infant layette can be used as unisex, we don’t need to go crazy. I come from humble roots to say the least. Never had name brand growing up, in fact it was usually hand-me-downs, second hand/consignment or hand-made. So no –  we don’t really need anything else. I suppose since things were always so tight as a kid/teen, that is perhaps, why I love to shop. Yes I surrrrre do. Which is how I stumbled across this. Stop me now. For the sanity of he whom I drive crazy. Just thought I’d share in this awesome-ness so I’m not alone in my plight.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored or review post, perhaps I should get on that, hmmm?

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