Needed: Baby Cuddlers

cat and baby Last night I entered these search terms into Google: volunteer in hospital nursery, Denver. My favorite result that popped up was this page entitled Baby Cuddlers: Volunteer to Cuddle Babies. Now I’ve always claimed I would be a horrible nurse since I can’t even watch Rescue 911 without feeling faint, but a professional baby cuddler? I could handle that. No pay needed.

I’ve fiddled around with the idea of volunteering with babies for a while now but felt more motivated when I read a comment this week from Nicole who also struggled with infertility. She said that she worked as an intensive care nurse/midwife with premature babies and that it ended up being a real blessing for her. Since I’m not a trained professional I couldn’t work at that level so volunteering seemed like the natural path to try and take.

Another real motivation for me is the fact that I feel like infertility has made me increasingly selfish. When you’re life revolves around what day of your cycle you are on, you’re thinking about yourself a lot. You’re also thinking a lot about yourself while you go through the ups and downs and think things like, “Nobody knows what I’m going through,” and “My life is so hard.” I’ve turned inward and I need to learn to turn outward some more. I just hope it works out so I can add baby cuddler to my business cards.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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