Netflix: A Pregnant Woman’s Dream

Netflixl saved me!

If you’re pregnant and haven’t jumped on the Netflix bandwagon, get on it, girlfriend!  It saved my life.  It still does during those long breastfeeding sessions every three hours.

From about eight months along, I couldn’t sleep for nothing.  I kept a small DVD player next to my bed and instead of tossing and turning, I’d turn on the latest DVD I ordered off Netflix.

It’s the only way to watch stuff like Breaking Bad or Mad Men as far as I’m concerned.  How do people wait a whole week for a new episode?  I just wait until they get about four seasons in and then I put ’em all in my Netflix queue and have marathon viewing sessions.  It’s how I watched Sopranos, The Wire and Weeds.

I guess a lot of folks are streaming Netflix now.  As neither Serge or I are technically inclined we haven’t quite figured that out yet.  We’re old fashioned folk who order our Netflix through snail mail.  Either way, Netflix will save your sanity.

Each time my little son wakes up, I hit play on the DVD player and watch my latest DVDs while I breastfeed.  I find myself hoping Henry takes a long time because I get all caught up in the movie.

That’s a switch, right?  Hoping he takes a long time as opposed to wishing he’d hurry up so I can get back to bed.

Netflix, baby.  The only way to breastfeed.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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