New and Interesting Baby Girl Names for 2013

I am always looking for new and interesting baby girl names and baby boy names. I’ve always had my kids’ names picked out before they were born and if we’re going to have another one, I want to have their name chosen too.

I have two girls already and if we’re given a third, there are so many gorgeous baby girl names available to choose from. As you know, I don’t like any popular names and love the unique and unusual and prefer names with history or an international flare to them. I don’t want it to be too out there so people don’t take her seriously, but pretty, strong and unique names are totally my thing.

Nameberry, the go-to-place for baby names, shared their newest additions to their baby girl names database. I love looking at these names because they fit the criteria I am always searching for. Many are new spellings to common names, giving them an extra flair, all are gorgeous and some are deep-rooted in history.

Here are my favorite picks from their newest girl names, plus a few suggestions of my own:

  • New and Interesting Baby Girl Names for 2013 1 of 9
    New and Interesting Baby Girl Names for 2013

    If you're on the hunt for new and interesting baby girl names, these probably fit the bill.

  • Eleanora 2 of 9

    When I hear the name "Eleanor" I think of an older lady. No offence, but it's not very common anymore and I consider it old school. However, adding a little finesse to it and giving the name Eleanora is so much more modern, a simple twist and can totally rejuvenate the name for today. 

  • Eponine 3 of 9

    If you're a big fan of Les Miserables then you've probably already got your eye on this unique and pretty names. It's certainly going to make a statement and I think it's totally gorgeous. 

  • Kirrlly 4 of 9

    While not one that will likely be on my top baby girls name list, this name (which rhymes with cheerily  is quite popular in Australia. It's pretty, but for me -- there are too many double letters. Yes, I'm picky.

  • Liliosa 5 of 9

    The baby girl name Lilly has been popular for a long time and it's a simple name that's not one that would catch my eye. This play on the name, Liliosa is however, one that piques my interest. According to Namberry, Saint Liliosa was one of the martyrs of 9th century

  • Petronilla 6 of 9

    I love this name so hard! It's so unique that I've never heard of it before and according to Nameberry, an ancient saint's name that relates to the Roman family name Petronius. It's French counterpart, Petronille is equally as gorgeous.

  • Khaleesi 7 of 9

    There have been a lot of names on new top names lists from Game of Thrones and this name -- meaning Princess in a made-up horselord language, is too fitting for a darling girl not to be made popular. 

  • Satine 8 of 9

    I don't know why this name isn't more popular. It's so pretty and not too common, yet gorgeous for any little girl. I have hopes that this name stays on the down-low in case I choose to use it. It's the lead character from one of my favorite movies The Moulin Rouge.

  • Sybil 9 of 9

    You don't hear new baby's with this name too often, but I have a feeling it will be on the rise. If you're a fan of Downton Abbey (and who isn't), this name may be on the top of your baby girl names list.

For more interesting and new girls names, check out Nameberry: Girls’ Names 2013!

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