New Diet Craze: Injecting Pregnant Women's Urine

Forget South Beach, there’s a new way to lose weight.

The regimen? A daily injection of a pregnant woman’s urine. Apparently the pregnancy hormone human coriogonic gotrphin (HCG), present in pregnancy urine, tricks your body into thinking it’s pregnant and shifts your metabolism so you burn more calories.

Wait. What???

How did they even figure this out? Were the regular, non-pregnancy urine shots not working?

Also, why would pregnancy hormones speed your metabolism? Wouldn’t a pregnant body make sure every last calorie is put to use?

Ahhh, wait. I read on and discovered that the urine injection regimen is accompanied by a very restrictive low calorie diet. That explains the dozens of testimonials from happy, thin customers. They were not eating.

A woman interviewed by ABC TV had this to say: “It’s an amazing thing. It really is. When I took a shot I was never hungry. I’m not hungry. I’ve learned how to eat better. I feel great and I truly believe that I will not put the weight back on.”

Apparently, you can buy HCG weight loss “products” (urine?) online for between $300 and $565 for six weeks. God knows there’s a lot of pregnancy-laced urine out there — those cups are filling up all over town.

But there are lots of skeptics — doctors, midwives, nutritionists, etc. —  warning against it. The effects are from the placebo effect at best, and goodness knows what shooting HCG-laced urine into your system can do. Don’t mess around with this — just eat a healthy diet and go for a jog.

What’s amazing to me is that pregnancy and mothering hormones seem to suddenly be in such high demand. Just this week, researchers looked into how maternal hormones might actually alter a drug addict’s brain to help resist cravings. Everyone wants our mojo it seems: whether it’s to help them kick a coke habit or lose those extra turkey pounds. On the bright side, this could be a nice way for pregnant women to make a little cash.  They could just buy some Dixie cups and set up a stand on the sidewalk.

photo: Frank Lucifer/flickr

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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