New Study: Ginger Doesn’t Really Help With Morning Sickness

Did ginger help your morning sickness?

The first piece of advice I received when I discovered I was pregnant was this:  stock up on ginger snap cookies– ginger really helps with morning sickness.

Ginger pills, fresh ginger root, ginger cookies – ginger in all its forms has been touted for years as a morning sickness remedy.  Now researchers suspect it may not be as helpful as originally thought.

When researchers recently analyzed the data on ginger as a treatment for nausea in early pregnancy, the results were not convincing.  Last year scientists pooled data from randomized trials of ginger and other common remedies for morning sickness.  They focused on women in their first 20 weks of pregnancy, when, as we know all to well, vomiting is most common.

What they found is surprising.  While ginger can be helpful in some instances, evidence of its effectiveness was “limited and not consistent”.

Remember though, that’s just testing ginger’s effectiveness against morning sickness.  It’s still thought to be helpful for people suffering nausea caused by other conditions like sea sickness or chemotherapy although scientists don’t have an explanation as to why.

I tried ginger and my near constant “morning” sickness didn’t let up at all.  Have you used it?  Did it help?



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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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