New Symptoms at 10-weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy Symptoms at 10 Weeks

I can’t believe how quickly this pregnancy is moving along: I’m 10 weeks tomorrow! Time’s never moved faster for me. There is so much new and exciting stuff going on, and my body continues to change every week. I told you a few weeks ago about my week-7 symptoms, and a few of them are still hanging around, namely the emotions, cracking joints, and sciatic pain. But the mild nausea is all but gone (I know, please don’t hate me!) and my boobs are not nearly as tender (though they are still bigger — WoooHooo).

As some of my earliest symptoms have faded away, others have stepped in and taken over. But to be honest: I’m feeling really blessed so far, because I mostly feel really darn good. Part of me wonders if I’m just so stinkin’ happy to be pregnant that none of these symptoms seem that bad to me. Or maybe I’m just really lucky. I do think some of them are a little strange: Sugar aversion, anyone?

After the jump, check out my pregnancy symptoms at 10 weeks, and let me know what you battled with at this stage!

  • Intolerance for Sugar 1 of 7
    Intolerance for Sugar
    I've never been the person with a sweet tooth, but that's not to say that I haven't enjoyed cookies, cakes, brownies, and all sorts of treats over the years. Recently however, any time I have even the slightest bit of sugar like the two bites of a brownie yesterday I feel queasy, within the hour. This has happened each time I've eaten a sweet treat, so I'm staying away from them for a while.
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  • Dizzy Spells 2 of 7
    Dizzy Spells
    The lightheadedness that was around during week 7 has subsided, but every now and again I get dizzy when I stand up. It usually happens if I rise too quickly, or if I'm already tired when I stand up.
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  • Outrageous Belching 3 of 7
    Outrageous Belching
    I've been known to let out a good burp every now and again. But this new belching habit is unprecedented. I feel terrible for my coworkers, because the burps rarely come with any warning. They laugh it off, but I'm just grateful it's not gas of the other kind.
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  • Mild Headaches 4 of 7
    Mild Headaches
    The headaches I've been having aren't terrible. But they're fairly constant, usually daily. Mild as they may be, they are still quite the nuisance.
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  • Mild Cramping 5 of 7
    Mild Cramping
    This symptom is pretty random, but the first time it happened, I got nervous. The cramping felt similar to mild menstrual cramps, and when I told my doctor about them, she reassured me that there was nothing to worry about that my uterus is beginning to stretch and that it's totally normal. Now that I know that, I get excited by the cramps: Stretch little uterus, stretch!
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  • Change in Sleep Pattern 6 of 7
    Change in Sleep Pattern
    I've always been a good sleeper. In fact, my mother will tell you that I would ask to be put to bed when I was a child (God, I'm hoping I pass that gene along...). But this pregnancy has me zonked. By 8:30 in the evening, I'm done. BUT, I'm not actually sleeping any longer than I normal was, because I'm awake around 5 a.m. So I'm still averaging roughly eight hours of sleep each night, and sometimes I can fall back to sleep after I wake up that early, but it's not always the case. Mom friends tell me to just enjoy the eight hours, any way I can get 'em! (And just so you know, I do not look at all like the woman pictured here when I'm sleeping...)
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  • Blotchy Chest and Neck 7 of 7
    Blotchy Chest and Neck
    I've always had pretty sensitive skin, and I tend to run on the redder side flushed cheeks and easily chapped skin. About four days ago, I noticed that my chest and neck are blotchy with red patches. There's no discomfort that goes along with this, and had I not been standing in front of the mirror naked (I had just gotten out of the shower!), I probably never would have noticed. It hasn't changed since I first discovered it, so I'm not really worried about it.
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