New Zodiac Sign Dates: Celebrate Your Baby's New Sign

When I was pregnant, my son’s due date (on Feb. 6) was a mere two weeks away from the Aquarius/Pisces cut-off, and I desperately wanted an Aquarius baby. Not that I wouldn’t have loved a Pisces — I’m sure there are perfectly lovely Pisces people out there — but I loved the idea of a thoughtful, open-minded, intellectual child. I’ve always been a highly emotional person, and the Aquarius sign is known to put logic over emotion — a trait I’ve always envied.

My son was born on Feb. 7, a sure Aquarius. Until now, of course. Now he is a Capricorn — and my mind is blown.

Rebecca told us about the new zodiac sign dates (specifically the newest sign added, Ophiuchus) based on the fact that the earth’s equilatorial alignment has changed in the last 3,000 years, shifting the signs. And unlike Rebecca, who is ambivalent to astrology, I’ve always felt that your zodiac sign is a form of identity. It’s also the only way for an expectant mother to possibly get a sense for her new baby’s personality. Is it accurate? Nope, usually not. (Although many parts of my personality are consistent with my former Virgo sign.) But it’s a fun way to predict what your baby might be like and to feel connected to him or her.

If you’re like me and researched your baby’s future sign — some couples even PLAN for a particular sign — you might have been thrown for a loop with the news. Continue reading for cute ways to add your baby’s new zodiac sign into the nursery preparation:

Use your baby’s new zodiac sign to decorate the nursery with these Zodiac Art Prints by Mad Design, $22.

You can even use your baby’s new zodiac sign as a birth print, $18, from Little Pig Press.

Or you can use your baby’s new zodiac sign as a source of inspiration. Phosplus, $24.99

Or be a little more subtle with this Sagittarius Tree of Life print, $18, from Sage Trees. (Do you see the sign in the leaves?)

You can also decorate with fun Jonathan Adler zodiac pillows.

Find out your new Zodiac sign (and more cool products!) here.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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New Zodiac Sign Dates: What Do They Mean For You?

New zodiac sign dates change many of our sun signs
New zodiac sign dates change many of our sun signs

Remember a few weeks ago when we talked about hand-picking your baby’s sign? Some parents have gone to the extreme of scheduling C-sections to get the zodiac sign they wanted for their little one.

Turns out, we were doing it wrong. Most of us have been going by the wrong zodiac sign our whole lives, due to a mistake in the zodiac charts. If you’re like me and had your child’s astrological chart done in detail and framed after her birth, you might feel a bit foolish right now.

The zodiac problems are due to long-overlooked subtle shifts in planetary orbits and other things in space. I can’t pretend to know all about it. Happily, Paul Kunkle of the Minnesota Planetarium Society has this one covered. Here’s his corrected zodiac dates, in all their original Babylonian glory.


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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