Newborn Baby Alive 90 Minutes After Being Declared Dead at Hospital

Newborn Baby Alive 90 Minutes After Being Declared Dead at HospitalThe whole ordeal sounds like it starts off as a parent’s worst nightmare. As CTV Toronto reports, a young 20-year old woman complained of stomach cramps early one morning and told her mother she needs to go to the hospital.

What her mother didn’t know was the young woman was pregnant, and the stomach pains were contractions. As they began their walk to the hospital, the woman gave birth on the pathway to the hospital and they called 9-1-1.

When the paramedics arrived, the newborn and new mother were rushed to the hospital. If giving birth outside on the street isn’t traumatic enough, the newborn baby was pronounced to be without vital signs and declared dead.

Protocol in the hospital, two police officers wait in the room with the newborn who was covered by a sheet until the coroner arrives. About 90 minutes after the new infant is declared dead, one of the officers in the room notices some slight movement under the sheet, investigated and felt a pulse.

Being touted as a miracle, but explained by science, the newborn baby is now said to be in stable condition — alive. According to Dr. John Smyth, a neonatologist at Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Vancouver who was interviewed by, this miracle can all be explained by hypothermia saying, “We know that physiologically, a decrease in body temperature causes the whole metabolism to slow down, including the heart rate. So it could be that under severe hypothermia the heart rate is difficult to detect.” He goes on to explain that with infants, it wouldn’t take long for hypothermia to set in since newborns are susceptible to rapid heat loss.

The hospital has launched an investigation and is reviewing all aspect of the case from the immediate response call to resuscitation attempts at the hospital.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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