Next Time Around: What I Want To Do Differently In Pregnancy, Labor & Birth

The first time you see your pregnancy test show those two pink lines you  feel immediate excitement, then fear then ‘oh my goodness, what am I doing?’. Even if you planned this pregnancy — especially so if you didn’t, the fear is usually beyond the incredibly huge life change that will be with you for the rest of ever, but also the whole “grow a baby in my body, get that baby out somehow thing”. Trying to wrap your head around all the changes that are about to happen, trying to understand how an 8 pound baby will fit in there, then come out there is overwhelming.

You can read all you want, talk to as many people, but really you don’t fully get it until you’ve experienced it all. Your next pregnancies and babies will be different — easier because you already know what your body does, what you don’t like and what you wish had gone differently. I have a list of things I would like to have go differently if I add another child to our family — having gone through this 3 times before, I have a good grasp on what my body does and what I really need, beyond what the books tell me.

Click through to read what I would want to do differently in my pregnancies, labor and birth if there is a next time:

  • I Wouldn’t Stress Weight 1 of 7
    I Wouldn't Stress Weight
    It's easy to get wrapped up in the fear of gaining too much and then having to lose it after. For me, I realize no matter how much or little I eat I tend to gain the same amount of weight. Even if I don't gain weight, I still grow 7-8lb babies.
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  • I Wouldn’t Take Things Personally 2 of 7
    I Wouldn't Take Things Personally
    The first time someone told me I looked ready to pop at only 5 months pregnant, I stressed. I worried I was too big, eating too much. Now, I realize it's all because I am short. The baby grows out instead of up and people are clueless.
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  • I Would Refuse Cervical Checks 3 of 7
    I Would Refuse Cervical Checks
    They hurt and they don't tell much when nearing the end of the pregnancy and during labor. If I was having lots of contractions early it could help to see if I was dilating and in need of bed rest, but otherwise, no. It just stressed me out walking around 4cm dilated with no baby.
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  • I Would Ignore The Due Date 4 of 7
    I Would Ignore The Due Date
    People get caught up in the due date - thinking that's a for sure end date. People call weeks before wondering if the baby has arrived and that only gets more annoying the closer you get to that pointless date.
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  • I Wouldn’t Stress About Medications 5 of 7
    I Wouldn't Stress About Medications
    I had to take a lot of medications during pregnancy. I throw kidney stones like crazy when pregnant and have to be on medications for pain. I worried and stressed and worried more but the pain caused contractions. I realize I will never have a medication free pregnancy (thanks Factor V Leiden) and I am not going to stress about that anymore.
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  • I Would Change The Way I Thought 6 of 7
    I Would Change The Way I Thought
    I hear it so often and I thought it so often myself. "I am so fat", "I am huge", "I look like a house". The negativity towards my own beautiful pregnant body was not good for me -- it's not good for anyone. Changing it to more positive thoughts - "I am glowing", "My body is growing a baby", "Baby looks like it's getting bigger" is a healthier, more positive way to look at it.
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  • I’d Spend More Time Preparing for After 7 of 7
    I'd Spend More Time Preparing for After
    I read up and talked to a lot of people, asked a lot of questions about pregnancy and birth. I had it all down. I never once asked about after birth -- the aftercare, the how to deal with the first few weeks, the milk coming in and all that. Epsom salts, tummy binders, prepared meals -- that's what I would focus on making sure was in order.
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:: What do you think you will do differently the next time around?  ::


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