Next Up: Ovulation and IUI {Video}

ovulation predictor kit, Clearblue EasyYesterday was the final day of my Clomid treatment and tomorrow marks the official beginning of the waiting game.

Thank you to all of you who laughed right along with me at my detailed description of my five days of agony. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I will begin using the ovulation predictor kit tomorrow morning and will test every day until I get a positive, at which point, I will call my RE’s office and schedule our IUI for the following morning.

Follow me after the jump for the rest of the fun…

My husband will visit the office before me, where he will provide them with his part, which will be “washed and concentrated.” This process also removes prostaglandins, white blood cells, and dead, non-motile sperm, which would normally be filtered by my cervical mucous. Once all of this is done, we will be left with the most motile, healthy sperm.

That process takes roughly an hour.

Then, it will be my turn.

My husband’s concentrated sperm will be placed directly into my uterus via a long, flexible catheter, where the sperm has a better chance of fertilizing my egg.

Like thisโ€ฆ

We don’t know on what day I’ll ovulate, as the Clomid changes everything.

So now we wait.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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