25 Nicknames for Your Little Bun in the Oven

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Whether you are pregnant for the first, third, or twelfth time, it’s hard not to give your baby-in-utero a funny little nickname. Whether you name baby after your #1 food craving or what he looked like at your first sonogram, it’s a fun thing and a cute little way to connect with your baby before you meet.

I took a poll on Facebook to see what mamas-to-be nicknamed their little ones before they were born. Here’s what they had to say …

1. Baby A & Baby B

A classic for parents of twins!

2. Baby Bat

A little fuzzy night owl? Sounds about right!

3. Baby-Baby

A friend of mine called her little one “Baby-Baby!” Isn’t it cute?!

4. Bambino

A common nickname for that growing little babe!

5. Bean

Probably the most common nickname, due to baby’s shape at the very beginning!

6. Blueberry

This is what we called our very first daughter, because she was the size of a blueberry when we found out we were pregnant!

7. Boop

Here’s a common nickname for babes before AND after birth!

8. Bud

Baby Undetermined!

9. Bug

Doodle Bug, June Bug… the little specimen stealing all your energy!

10. Bump

Another classic name for that growing BUMP in your belly!

11. Catfish

This has got to be one of the most unique nicknames! I love it!

12. Cornbread

Yep, naming your baby after your food cravings!

13. Doozer

A funny one, for sure!

14. Gummy Bear

Another one named after an ultrasound photo!

15. Gus

Reminds me of that chubby little mouse in Cinderella!

16. Lagniappe

This is a Nola-style expression for an unexpected gift!

17. Little Monkey

Okay, who HASN’T called their babe a “Little Monkey” at some point?!

18. Nugget

Another common pet name for baby!

19. Peanut

We called our babes “Peanut” before and after birth!

20. Popper

Here’s one we called my second daughter, Ingrid. It started as “Iggy Pop” then went to “Popper.” Sometimes I still call her that!

21. Radish

Seems like the perfect nickname for a little growing thing!

22. Sprinkle

Hard to believe that your baby is the size of a sprinkle early on!

23. Sprout

What started as a bean is beginning to sprout!

24. Tadpole

Before the baby has legs, he has a tail! Just like a tadpole!

25. The Beebs

I love this one, too! So funny.

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