9 Pretty Nursing Bras

I nursed my son for a year. I’m not saying that to brag or anything. It’s just a statement of fact. Also a statement of fact: I wore nursing bras for a year.

Ugly nursing bras.

I bought about five bras and four nursing tanks in nude, black, and white. I wore them day in and day out, in all their orthopedic-looking glory, for a full year. They were functional and practical and had not a hint of style or sex appeal to them.
Not this time. This time? I’m getting pretty bras. I don’t care what they cost. My boobs are worth it. My self-esteem is worth it. My marriage is worth it.

There’s nothing like the little spring you get in your step from wearing a pretty bra and panty set, especially on a date night. It’s just a nice little lift, a feeling of being kind of girly and cute. Having a little secret that you may or may not share with that special someone.

I’ve spent the past couple of years building up a collection of pretty lingerie and it’s made me – and my husband – so happy to feel a little sexy and flirty despite my status as a suburban mom. Since I’ve gotten pregnant and my bra sizes has been changing as fast as Lindsay Lohan’s face (Hey LiLo! Skip the lip fillers, babe!), I’ve settled for a steady stream of functional bras with very little glamor. Like fellow Babble mom Casi, I’ve been adamant about cute panties but the bras? Meh.

As soon as I deliver and my breasts settle into nursing form though, I’m going bra shopping. No orthopedic nursing bras this time! I’m looking for lace, fun colors, that little something-something that makes me feel like a woman, not just a milk-maker.
Here are a few of the cutest bras I’ve scoped so far.

Many thanks to Babble mom Michelle for her round-up of the best nursing bras and all my friends who weighed in when I asked for recommendations!

  • Glamour Mom Lacy Tank 1 of 9
    Glamour Mom Lacy Tank
    I wore nursing tanks all the time when I was nursing my son. They're comfortable and practical. This one from Glamour Mom adds a little touch of lace at the hem to make it fun and feminine, too.
    Purchase at Glamour Mom
  • Bravado Sublime Bra 2 of 9
    Bravado Sublime Bra
    I LOVED my Bravado bras for their comfort and durability. I'm so excited to see that they've added this lacy, fun number to their selection.
    Purchase at Bravado
  • Bravado Allure Bra 3 of 9
    Bravado Allure Bra
    Bravado also has these sleeker, satin bras that look like they'd work well under fitted tops.
    Purchase at Bravado
  • Anita Black and Pink Bra 4 of 9
    Anita Black and Pink Bra
    Several friends pointed me toward the Anita brand, saying they're really supportive. I love the look of this black and pink number and like that it comes with a matching panty.
    Purchase at Anita
  • Anita Pink Bra 5 of 9
    Anita Pink Bra
    This bra is more sweet than sexy and would work well every day.
    Purchase at Anita
  • HOTMilk Blissful Disorder Bra 6 of 9
    HOTMilk Blissful Disorder Bra
    Where has HOTMilk been all my (pregnant) life???? I wish I'd known about this when I was shopping for my anniversary earlier this year! This blue number is all kinds of flirty and sexy and I'm TOTALLY getting it for the first date night after the baby arrives!
    Purchase at HOTMilk
  • Pea in a Pod Demi Bra 7 of 9
    Pea in a Pod Demi Bra
    This bra could easily be a daily wardrobe staple but the lace detail adds some style.
    Purchase at Pea In A Pod
  • Motherhood Black Lace Bra 8 of 9
    Motherhood Black Lace Bra
    I love, love, love black lace overlaying nude fabric in lingerie. It feels like old school sex appeal to me.
    Purchase at Motherhood
  • Target Leopard Bra 9 of 9
    Target Leopard Bra
    Leopard is always sassy. Always.
    Purchase at Target

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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