No Baby Visitors Until We Say

We have a strict no visitors allowed until we say policy - post baby.
We have a strict no visitors allowed until we say policy - post baby.

It was our first baby. We were so excited, after years of trying – to bring our little girl into this world. Labor and delivery didn’t go as planned. There were circumstances we couldn’t change, and when our little girl did arrive, things got weird.

My family who had good intentions and excitement to welcome the first grand baby into the family had camped out in the hallway outside of the delivery room. We could hear them though out delivery and when Z finally made her appearance, so did my family’s faces through the delivery room doors waiting to meet her. But wait. We had JUST met her, and now we were left in the awkward position of “who gets to hold baby?”.

I was so out of it at the time, or else I would of spoken up sooner. By the time I got alone time, the nurses had to take her for bathing and post-birthing what-evers.

After that experience, I knew we had to draw boundaries if we were able to have more kids.

With our second child, we headed to the hospital, delivered in a matter of hours. My family knew we were in the hospital, but no idea of if the baby had arrived. Not that we were not wanting them to know, we just didn’t want them there. We wanted time with our son, UNINTERRUPTED.

The bonding experience of having our baby, holding this child I had just bore and watching my husband connect was priceless. Sure there were nurses and my doctor – but the timing was ours. We didn’t have to pass the baby around, he was ours – just for those few hours.

Our kids meeting their baby brother for the first time.
Our kids meeting their baby brother for the first time.

After our second, we knew that was the way to go for us. With our third, we did the same. We delivered our baby boy Izaiah – enjoyed him for a few hours alone – then let the world know. My husband acted as security to make sure that the room didn’t get too full. The other “rule” we implemented is we made sure that the first to meet the new baby was our older kids. This was THEIR sibling that they had been watching grow daily in their mom’s belly. They rightfully deserved a private introduction.

So again, with our fourth – the time will after birth will be private. Yes, I confess I am an over-tweeter and may share the news of birthing our baby. But as far as visitors, those first few hours will be ours – embracing the miracle of life WE created. And letting the world rejoice this baby with us – just on our time.

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