Not So Lame Baby Shower Game

A couple of days ago, my girlfriend asked me if I had any ideas for games to play at her baby shower. I shared what we did at my daughter’s baby shower back in 2009, and she loved the idea. Most women I share the idea with seem to love it. However, If you’re really not into games being played at baby showers, then you may find this game idea dumb? Honestly though, I’m not one that loves the whole shower game thing, and I was all for doing this at my own baby shower.

I would probably classify this as more of an activity than I would a game. This activity gets everyone involved, allows everyone to mingle at the same time, and creates a special keepsake that your little one can have for the rest of their lives. Continue reading for all the details on this Not So Lame Baby Shower Game.

This baby shower activity is quite simple. All you need is nice plain or colored card stock, a few packs of color crayons, and a photo album that can fit the size of your card stock.

Here’s what you do:

1. Hand everyone a piece of card stock.

2. Assign them a letter in the alphabet.

3. Have them draw a picture that coordinates with that letter they were assigned. For example, someone at my shower got the letter ‘P’ and they drew a picture of a pineapple.

4. Once they are done, make sure they sign their picture.

5. Place each drawing into your photo album.

Obviously, this game may work better for showers where a lot of women are invited. You pretty much need a person for every letter of the alphabet. If you don’t have enough people to draw every letter, have them double up. This may sound like it would take forever, but it really doesn’t.

Once all your colored pictures are placed into a photo album, you have a very special and unique way of remembering who attended your baby shower, and a way to teach your little one the alphabet some day.

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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