Not That Simple: Explaining Infertility to a Child

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How do you explain infertility to a four-year-old child?

We’ve been honest with our daughter about our dream of having another baby.

We’ve talked to her about the idea of giving her and her brother another sibling and she is elated at the thought.

She did special order a sister since she already has a brother, but she maintains she’ll be happy either way.

Every week or so, she asks when we’re going to “get the new baby.”

And it leaves me speechless, because quite honestly, I ask myself the same question all of the time.

When will we finally be blessed with another baby?

It’s tough enough to explain where babies come from without being faced with explaining why they sometimes just don’t come.

I watched her put a pink baby blanket in the bottom dresser drawer earlier today. When I asked her what she was doing, she turned to me, and with the sweetest smile, she explained that she was “putting it away to keep it safe for when the new baby comes.”

She is so incredibly sweet and thoughtful…inquisitive and observant.

And I struggle with how to help her to understand that it isn’t as simple as wanting a baby.

It truly isn’t that simple at all.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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