Not Tiptoeing Into The Lioness' Den…5 Things About Me & My Pregnancy

Hello, this is your conscious speaking...

…creak, crackle, kerplunk. Since I’m new around here I’ve been doing a lot of reading to get to know my comrades and readers. Yowza but it’s an inferno of id vs. ego in here at times! And that super-ego, she be moon-walkin’ all up in this place. Oh, Freud – if only we could all have a higher focused sense of morality. To be clear, I certainly don’t, but that doesn’t mean I don’t try. I’m not talking about having better morals, (what does that even mean, really?) I’m talking about understanding that people have different opinions and that obviously they vary from group to group and culture to culture. And that’s okay, unless, y’know you’ve got your kids locked up in the closet.

Should understanding one’s own personal beliefs give them free license to judge not just themselves but others? I’m all for healthy, well-thought out, researched (when it calls for it), forms of debate – but the mudslinging? Looks and smells similar to that of my young lad’s epic poonami’s.

I’ve got to be honest and put myself out there, remain true to who I am. I know I’ll be misunderstood and categorized up the ying yang when sharing the choices I make concerning my pregnancy, parenting, motherhood, my career and all of the choices/opinions involving that journey, I dare share/make here. But, that is what I am here to do, so share I shall. For all the snark and divide I have noticed, I also get a sense of community, motherhood for all of it’s complex sojourners. It is in that space I feel welcome, not too fearful of the lambs at bay.

The top 5 things you should know about me & my pregnancy choices:

1.  I subscribe to and a firm believer in the benefits of having a natural child-birth, mid-wives, hypno-birthing classes and any other form of birthing that is backed by science, and also supportive of the mind and spirit. That does not mean I think I am better than those who do not subscribe to these things, that they are the gospel, no siree. Nor do I get along overly well with those who deem me a crunchy, non-sensical hippy for my beliefs. Nor am I talking about those with medical complications, who need extra medical care, or those who do not have a choice. But I get why there is the divide. It’s human nature.

2.  While I subscribe to the above, you should know that with the birth of my 1st, I ended up in the hospital because there was meconium in my water when it broke. I ended up having an epidural 6 cm. dilated because I have a slightly herniated disk and the back labour put me into a far-gone mental and physical state of extreme pain.

3.  Although I would like to ‘plan’ for a home-birth for this one, we have recently moved 1 hour away from our midwife’s clinic as they cannot travel out of jurisdiction to birth, and there would be many hoops to jump through to birth at a hospital other than their ‘zoned’ one. So we are planning as best we can, knowing how un-predictable the birthing process is, to travel the hour or so it will take to get to our hospital. That’s how connected we are to our midwife. That’s how top-notch our care has been. To be fair, I am partial to midwives because I have not had the best of luck with Western doctors. I am sure, in fact I know – there are fabulous ones out there. Not a hater, I just have my preferences.

4.  I try to be healthy, I prefer organics and support local farmers as much as I can. I love to cook for my family and whip up the love every chance I get. I drink gallons of water a day, munch up kale, spinach, trout, salmon and broccoli amongst a myriad of other goodness, mucho. (Favourites). We also eat take-out about 2 times a week, I am super tight with Ms. Vickie’s natural chips, coffee and sushi. Strike me down now. I try to be moderate with my vices, (last night brought me to having sushi 3 times thus far throughout my pregnancy).  I am strict with myself on not having more than 20mg.’s of coffee per day. On the question of alcohol, yes, I have in and around 2 heavenly, frosty, sweet- nectar-of-the-God’s, Lowenbrau’s a week. But I don’t do it in public because heck, society is whack, yo! Plus, there are youth everywhere and I do not need to set a mis-represented example. Yes, alcohol consumption can harm a fetus, but no 2 beers a week is not going to do it.

5.  This pregnancy has been a real trip. It’s true what ‘they’ say, no two are alike! I mean, 1st trimester had me resembling nothing much more than a slovenly lump, gritty on the couch, never too far off from upchucking and definitely not able to be with my toddler actively. Off-set of depression and guilt for that one. Boy oh boy. Mid-way into 2nd trimester things started to clear up and I started to resemble human form again. Much to the relief of my partner to be sure. This does not mean I don’t believe that pregnancy can’t be that blissed out, rosey-cheeked state some mama’s talk about, nor do I find them or their stories annoying.

Got Bliss?

So you’re probably wondering, what does annoy me? Waking umpteenth times through-out the night to pee! That’s what! Oh, and this book. What about you? Has your pregnancy got you reeling from the side-effects, or are you blissed out and feeling groovy? A mix of both?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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