Notes From My Hospital Bed

So, here I sit/lie during an unexpected visit to the hospital. 13 weeks pregnant just needed to be welcomed I guess. Yesterday around noon, I suddenly became very sick – fever, chills, throwing up and some seriously major pain. I called my OBGYN, and they insisted it didn’t have to do with baby and to call my primary care doctor. Lucky for me, I have a private practice doctor (best investment ever!) which means if I needed to go to the emergency room, she would meet me there. And well, sure enough – that is where I ended up.

Blood pressure sky high from the pain, I waited patiently for a room after the nurse checked my vitals. Of course, the ER was slammed and I was by myself since my hubs needed to stay with the Littles. No fun since I was worried. I had to get to the hospital as fast I could, so there was no waiting for someone to watch them. I have a very high tolerance for pain (3 babies with no drugs under my belt) and well, this pain was unbearable. I literally wanted to rip my kidney out. Both of them!

After finally getting me settled in the ER, they did an ultrasound to make sure baby was okay, and sure enough, just perfect. And then, the sono tech says, “So, you know you have gallstones right? Quite a few large ones.” Um, no I wasn’t aware. Well, get this – that isn’t even what was causing the pain; it’s just something else to have to deal with down the line. What they were looking for was a lovely kidney stone. The best way to usually fine a stone is with a CT Scan or x-ray, but they weren’t doing that with me. Once my blood work and urine came back the prognosis was a seriously bad kidney infection and a lovely little kidney stone.

They decided, because of the pregnancy and high white blood cell count, they needed to admit me to continue round the clock IV fluids and antibiotics. They also needed to get my pain under control because my blood pressure was rising. I was beyond shocked to see them come in with 2 Morphine injections. I am not a fan of pain meds and was nervous to have that in my IV, especially being pregnant. I will have to say, a few minutes later – I was a happy camper.

And so now I sit, and sleep, and wait uncomfortably for my little friend to come on out and this infection to clear up. Hopefully, it doesn’t get stuck along the way as my unborn is sitting right on my urthera tube, causing some major back-up. I am seriously exhausted from the infection (which takes weeks to clear) and getting through this pain. My anemia is taking a plunge, as the IV fluids have now diluted my blood causing me to be even more anemic. The good news this week? My first trimester screening came back just peachy. At least something worked out in my favor!

Did you have a kidney stone? Did you even know you passed it? Any tips to get this sucker out?

Please, fill me in! And in the meantime, send some well wishes my way. I could really use them!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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