Now That I'm Pregnant: 5 New Habits

Now That I'm Pregnant: 5 New Habits

At almost 8 weeks pregnant, I’ve already told you about the pregnancy symptoms I’m experiencing thus far. But physical changes aren’t the only changes I’m going through right now.

It’s amazing what pregnancy can do to your psyche and how it affects your decisions. While I’m not saying that I’ve immediately turned into a different person that would just be crazy I have definitely changed some of my ways, consciously or otherwise.

After the jump, check out 5 new habits I’ve picked up since getting pregnant. And tell me: Did you make decisions differently when you were expecting? Did you have any unexpected changes to habits and lifestyle?

  • I’m MORE Relaxed 1 of 5
    I'm MORE Relaxed
    I have a tendency to run on the slightly more anxious side. Not so much that I'm a worrywart, more so that I like to get things done and keep things organized. But ever since I found out that I'm pregnant with twins, no less I've been surprisingly calm and relaxed. While I'm certainly paying attention to how I'm taking care of myself, I'm not getting freaked out by little bumps in the road, like having to switch OBs. I really just feel that everything will work out and that there's no reason to stress about any of it.
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  • Zero Urge to Eat Bad Food 2 of 5
    Zero Urge to Eat Bad Food
    For the most part, I've always eaten pretty healthily. But I'm a sucker for Cheetos and mac and cheese. However, since my pregnancy, I have had zero urge for any junky foods. There's a whole new mindset now. It's one thing to poison my own body, but these sweet little lives start fresh and clean. Why not keep 'em that way?
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  • I Sing to my Belly Every Morning 3 of 5
    I Sing to my Belly Every Morning
    It's true. I have a little song that I sing every morning to by little belly munchkins. It's a simple song God knows I'm no musician. It goes: "Grow little babies, grow, grow, grow. Grow little babies, grow, grow, grow." That's it. Just a repeat of that for about five minutes. I've never wanted anything so badly as I want these sweet peas to grow strong and healthy.
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  • I’m Driving Slower and More Cautiously 4 of 5
    I'm Driving Slower and More Cautiously
    I usually speed on the highways and have a bad habit of tailgating people who drive too slowly in the fast lane (?!!!??!!!?). I've been working on these since we started planning this pregnancy. And now that I'm actually expecting, I've slowed down and backed off.
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  • I Enjoy a Protein Shake Each Day 5 of 5
    I Enjoy a Protein Shake Each Day
    I heard that protein is super important during pregnancy, and I wanted to make sure I was getting enough especially with twins! A friend of mine who's also pregnant suggested that I have a protein shake. So I went ahead and found one with no additional Vitamin A, and I mix it with coconut milk in the blender. It's delicious!
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