Numbers Take On a Whole Different Meaning When You’re Trying to Conceive

13 Months Trying to Conceive and On My 5th Medicated CycleI am now officially onto my 13th month trying to conceive and today, I get to start my 5th month on Clomid. I am still on the 100mg — a good dose for me that has induced ovulation for two months prior.

I didn’t have high hopes that last month would be the one that worked for us. A combination of the stomach flu running through our house and an unusually hectic month, I knew our chances were there, but it wasn’t too likely. I was honestly thrilled that the medication got me to ovulate again and am hopeful that now that we’ve got that going, it shouldn’t be too long now.

It’s funny how things in life look different when you’re struggling to conceive. I’ve talked before about how infertility means a lot of waiting — to ovulate, the two week wait, the blood tests and so on.

I’ve come to realize that with infertility, not only is waiting a focus, but we begin to count differently. The infertility journey becomes about numbers and cycles verses days or months and I’ve begun to track things differently than I had before:

  • Thirteen 1 of 8
    The number of months we've been trying to conceive. A small number for some, but a big number for me.
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  • Five 2 of 8
    The number of medicated cycles I've done. Many doctors recommend only doing six before taking a break so this number is big for me.
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  • Two 3 of 8
    The number of ovulatory cycles I have had -- a smaller number than I would like. Thankful that there is any number at all though.
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  • Sixteen 4 of 8
    The number of pregnancy announcements that I've heard since trying to conceive.
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  • Hundreds to Thousands 5 of 8
    Hundreds to Thousands
    Money spend on fertility testing, drugs and medications to conceive.
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  • Four 6 of 8
    The number of prenatal vitamin bottles I have purchased since trying to conceive.
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  • Two 7 of 8
    The number of yearly subscriptions to fertility tracking program that I am now on. A year long one should have been enough.
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  • Countless 8 of 8
    The number of negative pregnancy tests I have seen over the past 13 months. I am beginning to wonder if positives tests do exist.
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I have a good feeling about this month and am hopeful all things line up for us. How are you doing with your infertility journey?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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